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Genes with mutations linked to risk

Inherited mutations have been linked to many different types of mutations. Some types of cancer are more likely to be hereditary. Below is a list of common cancers, and the most common genes that have been linked to increased risk for each.

Cancer Genes
Breast cancer in women

, ,  , , ,

Breast cancer in men

Colorectal cancer


Endometrial cancer


, ovarian, primary peritoneal cancer

,  ,  **, ,

Gastric cancer

APC, **


BAP1 (especially uveal melanoma),  CDK4CDKN2A

Pancreatic cancer

CDKN2A**, ,  **, **, 


**, **, **, **,  **

*BRCA1 mutations have been linked to a very rare but aggressive type of cancer known as serous endometrial cancer. The lifetime risk for endometrial cancer is not increased in women with mutations, but there is a small increase in risk for this rare subtype. 

**More research is needed to confirm a link between this cancer type and an  in this gene.

Last updated February 08, 2022