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Peer Navigation Program

Our free Peer Navigation Program connects cancer survivors, people at high risk and their caregivers to support and resources personalized for their situation. This program is for individuals who have just learned about their hereditary cancer risk as well as those who have known about it for many years.

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Personalized and Confidential Support. Based on the information you submit through a secure survey, you'll be matched with a trained Peer Navigator who shares a similar experience and "gets" your situation for a phone call or email exchange.

Resource Guide. When you sign up, you will receive a guide filled with expert-reviewed resources. This information will help you navigate your decision-making process with your family and healthcare providers.

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Topics Included in Your Resource Guide

Sign up and get matched to a Peer Navigator who will review these topics with you!

Hereditary Cancer
Hereditary Cancer

Hereditary Cancer & Genetic Testing

Paying for Counseling & Testing

Laws & Protections

Sharing with Family

Cancer Treatment
Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Melanoma Treatment

Ovarian, Fallopian Tube & Primary Peritoneal Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Paying for Cancer Treatment

Cancer Risk Management
Cancer Risk Management

Risk Management Guidelines & Decision-Making

Cancer Screening

Reducing Risk with Medication

Reducing Risk with Surgery

Breast Reconstruction and Going Flat

Paying for Screening or Risk Reduction

Quality of Life
Quality of Life

Wellbeing & Survivorship

Managing Menopause

Hormone Replacement

Fertility & Family Planning

Support & Research
Support & Research

Participating in Research

Support & Resources

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The Peer Navigation Program has been made possible by the generous support from:

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