Take Action Now 2021 Priorities Public Policy Initiatives

News Briefs

2/17/2021 - In a letter to President Biden, underscored the urgency of prioritizing access to the COVID-19 vaccine for patients with active cancer and survivors of cancer.

2/4/2021 - Joined a group of 75 orgs in a letter to HHS expressing concern that new Medicare Payment Modernization models proposed by the prior administration could jeopardize access to medically necessary prescription drugs and harm patients with serious illnesses.

1/28/2021 - Teamed up with other leading U.S. cancer organizations to endorse the resumption of cancer screening/treatment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to support the Cancer Won't Wait and Neither Should You campaign.

1/26/2021 - Submitted written comments and testified and in favor of genetic counselor licensure at the Maryland General Assembly's Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee hearing on proposed legislation.


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