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Factors that affect  cancer risk

Every man is at risk for  cancer and the risk increases with age. A man in the general population has about a 12 percent lifetime risk of developing  cancer. This means that 12 out of every 100 men will get  cancer in their lifetime. 

African-American men have a higher lifetime risk for cancer and a higher risk for younger-onset cancer than men of other races and ethnicities.

Genes with inherited mutations linked to  cancer risk 

Inherited mutations in the genes listed below have also been linked to an increased risk for cancer. Note: the exact risk for some of the genes listed have not been well established. 


*In addition to increasing lifetime risk for cancer, and  and also increase risk for more aggressive,  disease.  

** More research is needed to confirm a link between  cancer and an  in this gene.

Last updated August 31, 2021

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Find Experts

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Finding urologists

Sexual health experts

Some types of cancer treatment may affect sexual health. 

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updated: 04/03/2023