Personalized Guidance

Get matched with a Peer Navigator volunteer who shares a similar experience as you for confidential 1:1 phone/email support and receive a free expert-reviewed resource guide tailored for your needs.

Support Meetings & State Volunteers

Attend meetings or connect with volunteers in your state to obtain support, resources and information.

Private Facebook Group

In this group, you can connect with others who are affected by hereditary cancer. Let’s unite and support each other.

Message Boards

Our message boards are available 24/7 and are the easiest way to reach out and connect with others who are facing the challenges of hereditary cancer.


Peer volunteers return calls within 48 hours and provide nonjudgmental support and resources in English and Spanish. A Genetic Counselor helpline is also available.

Find Healthcare Providers

Locate medical experts who are knowledgeable in cancer genetics including genetic counselors, breast oncologists or surgeons, plastic surgeons, gastroenterologists, gynecologic oncologists, fertility experts, urologists, menopause specialists and more.

Insurance & Paying for Care

Learn about health insurance coverage and financial assistance for genetic services, cancer screenings, treatment and more. Get step-by-step tips on insurance appeals and customizable sample appeal letters for a variety of health services.


FORCE has opportunities for people in our community to get involved in significant ways to raise awareness, provide peer support and help promote hereditary cancer research.