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FORCE's eXamining the Relevance of Articles for You (XRAY) program looks behind the headlines of cancer news to help you understand what the research means for you. XRAY is a reliable source of hereditary cancer research-related news and information.
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Relevance: Medium

Strength of Science: Medium

Study : Are more men with breast cancer opting for prophylactic mastectomy?

Most relevant for: Men diagnosed with breast cancer

Recent headlines describe the rise in prophylactic double mastectomy for men with breast cancer. We looked at the research to see how many men are choosing this option and what it means for men with breast cancer. (10/6/15)

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Relevance: High

Strength of Science: High

Research Timeline: Post Approval

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Study : BRCA mutations more common than expected in young black women with breast cancer

Most relevant for: Young black women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

Most estimates of the percentage of breast cancer patients with mutations in BRCA are based on studies in White women. These researchers found that Black women diagnosed at a young age with breast cancer were twice as likely to have a BRCA mutation than previously reported based on studies in White women with breast cancer diagnosed in the same age categories. This study shows how important it is for all Black women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50 to speak with their doctor about genetic counseling and testing. (9/29/15)

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