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Annual Conference




Whether you are a cancer survivor, person at high risk for cancer, health care provider or caregiver, this conference has something for you.

Registration for this powerful, two-day virtual event is free. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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Join us for an inspirational experience of knowledge, empowerment and connecting with our community!

Joining FORCEs Against Hereditary Cancer® is an international conference designed to empower individuals and families facing hereditary cancer.

What to expect from our virtual conference

Our virtual conference will include on-demand and live sessions with renowned experts, access to our sponsors and supporters, and the opportunity to meet with others in our virtual networking lounge. Watch our video to learn more about how to use the platform.

Who should attend?

Joining FORCEs is for anyone who has a personal or family history of cancer or a mutation in BRCA 1/2, PALB2, CHEK2, ATM, PTEN or other inherited gene mutation and those diagnosed with Lynch syndrome. Sessions address important issues for survivors and previvors, their relatives, supporters and health care providers.

Learn and Connect

Our conference provides the latest information and research on hereditary cancer. Learn about research studies enrolling people like you, share your experiences and network with others who have faced similar medical challenges and decisions.

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