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Pancreatic Cancer Risk Management
Learn about options for pancreatic cancer screening

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Pancreatic Cancer > Risk Management Options

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Pancreatic Cancer Risk Management

Every person is at risk for pancreatic cancer and the risk increases with age. A person in the general population has about a 1 percent  lifetime risk of developing pancreatic cancer. This means that 1 out of every 100 people will get pancreatic cancer in their lifetime. 

An in one of the genes listed below increases the risk for pancreatic cancer.

Genes with Pancreatic Cancer Risk-Management Guidelines

Genetic counseling and testing can help you learn if you have an in one of these genes. There are different expert guidelines for pancreatic cancer screening, which are based on your level of risk. Read below for more information about different screening options. Speak with your healthcare provider to decide on a risk-management plan and schedule that is right for you. 

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Benefit of pancreatic cancer screening

Study: Benefit of pancreatic cancer screening

Among people with an inherited mutation in a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, screening for pancreatic cancer found most cancers at an earlier stage when they could be treated by surgery. Posted 1/17/24) Este artículo está...

Risk-Management Options

Types of Pancreatic Cancer Screening

Screening for pancreatic cancer uses tests to try to catch cancer in its early stages. Learn more about the types of screening and their benefits and limitations.

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Pancreatic Cancer Screening Guidelines

There are two professional groups with guidelines for pancreatic cancer screening for high-risk people that differ in their recommendations. Read more about these guidelines here.   

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Last updated February 14, 2024