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Pancreatic Cancer Screening Study (CAPS5) identifier:

Screening study for people at high risk for pancreatic cancer

Study Contact Information:

Hilary Cosby by phone 410-502-2893 or email: [email protected]   

Pancreatic Cancer Screening Study (CAPS5)

About the Study

CAP5 is a study looking at screening for early cancer in people with an elevated lifetime risk of developing pancreatic cancer who are undergoing screening with esophageal , or . The goal is to study biomarkers derived from images and tissue samples (blood, pancreas fluid, duodenal fluid) for the early detection of pancreatic cancer and precancerous lesions. 

What the Study Involves

Study participation involves:

  • answering online questionnaires
  • donating 4 tubes of blood- for research only
  • (at some sites) collecting free standing fluid in the area where the pancreas drains fluid, aspirated by scope during EUS procedures- for research only.
  • data from the participants medical record related to their pancreas screening and care.
  • Optional: potential early detection blood test, collected annually. The CA19-9 result will be shared with the participant.

Study Locations


  • New Haven
    Contact: Scott Merenda by phone: 203-785-7019 or email: [email protected]  
    Lead researcher: James Farrell, MD         


  • Baltimore
    Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Contact: Hilary Cosby by phone 410-502-2893 or email: [email protected]   
    Lead researchers: Michael Goggins, MD and Marcia I Canto, MD         


  • Boston
    Dana Farber Cancer Center 
    Contact: Emily Blair by phone: 617-632-4788 or email: [email protected]   
    Contact: Chinedu Ukaegbu by email: [email protected]   
    Lead researcher: Sapna Syngal, MD         


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
    University of Michigan
    Contact: Erika Koeppe by phone: 734-998-1274 or email: [email protected]   
    Researcher: Elena Stoffel, MD         

New York

  • New York City
    Columbia University Medical Center
    Contact: Tiffany Lam by email [email protected]   
    Lead researcher: Fay Kastrinos, MD         


  • Cleveland
    Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Contact: Nancy Furrey by phone: 216-844-7314 or by email: [email protected]   
    Researcher: Amitabh Chak, MD         


  • Philadelphia
    University of Pennsylvania
    Contact: Maureen DeMarshall by phone: 215-349-8546 or email [email protected]   
    Contact: Daniel Clay, email [email protected]    
    Researcher: Bryson Katona, MD         
  • Pittsburgh
    University of Pittsburgh
    Contact: Christine Decapite by email: [email protected]    
    Contact: Nancy Abubaker by email: [email protected]    
    Lead researcher: Randall Brand, MD        
This Study is Open To:

This study is open to people at high risk for pancreatic cancer due to any of the following:

  • in the following genes: , , FAMMM, , (, , , , ), hereditary pancreatitis (PRSS1/2, or CTRC), ()
  • Strong family history of pancreas cancer on one side of the family tree or
  • Endoscopic evaluation of pancreas scheduled

*contact your doctors or the study coordinators for a complete list of inclusion criteria.


This Study is Not Open To:

This study is not open to people who:

  • are unable to have an endoscopy
  • are pregnant