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Melanoma Treatment

Learn about national guidelines and melanoma treatment options for people with inherited mutations.

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Melanoma > Treatment Options

Melanoma Treatment

Treatment for melanoma depends on the stage, type and location of the disease. Tumor biomarker testing and genetic testing can provide additional clues about which treatments may work best for your cancer. For people with metastatic or advanced cancer, these additional tests are usually recommended.

Treatment may include a combination of surgery, radiation, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Chemotherapy is sometimes used of the cancer returns after these treatments. Clinical trials may be available for any stage of cancer.

It is estimated that about 10 percent of people diagnosed with melanoma will test positive for an inherited mutation. People with an inherited mutation in the genes below may have different treatment recommendations or options depending on their gene mutation. 

Genes Linked to Melanoma
ACD, BAP1 (especially for uveal melanoma), BRCA2, CDKN2A, CDK4, MC1R, MITF, POT1, PTEN, RB1, TERF2IP, TERT, TP53 

Make sure that you receive a copy of your cancer test results, including your pathology report and your stage. Ask your doctor to explain your diagnosis, test results and treatment options in terms that you can understand. This will allow you to work with your doctor to choose the best treatment for you.   

See below for more information on each of these melanoma treatment topics. 

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Melanoma Treatment Options

Stages & Subtypes

Treatment for melanoma depends on the stage, location and type of melanoma. You can learn more in-depth information about how doctors determine the stage and type of your cancer.

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Standard Therapies

Treatment for melanoma often includes a combination of surgery and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy may be used for advanced melanoma that has recurred. Learn more about these types of treatments.

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Genetic & Biomarker Testing

Tumor biomarker testing and genetic testing can provide additional clues about which treatments may work best for your cancer.

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Targeted & Immunotherapies

Targeted therapies are designed to attack or kill cancer cells, while sparing normal cells as much as possible. Immunotherapies are cancer treatments that help the body’s immune system detect and attack cancer cells. 

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Participate in Melanoma Treatment Research

Visit our partners at Aim at Melanoma for information about their research registry and other ways to advance melanoma research. 

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Last updated February 13, 2024