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Article: Promising drug for cancer treatment begins clinical trials


Researchers at City of Hope are testing a new type of cancer treatment drug. When tested in animals and cells taken from human cancers, this new drug prevented the growth of many types of cancer. Initial clinical trials in people have just started. (Posted 9/7/23)

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Promising drug for cancer treatment begins clinical trials
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What is this article about?

This article describes the first studies in animals and human cells of a new drug for cancer treatment.

Why are we reviewing this article?

This review covers a press release about early research at City of Hope on a new type of cancer treatment drug called AOH1996. The research involved early lab studies that were done before human clinical trials. More years of research will be needed to learn whether this approach will work in people. However, several news outlets covered the story, leading people to believe the drug would be available soon. 

What is AOH1996 and how does it work?

AOH1996 targets PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen), a protein that is present in all dividing cells. Because AOH1996 blocks PCNA, this type of drug is called a  PCNA inhibitor. Since all dividing cells, including cancer cells, have this protein, this drug may be able to treat many types of cancer.

These early tests suggest that AOH1996 may target cancer cells while sparing normal cells. New approaches like this might expand the options for cancer treatment and potentially reduce how many cancers return after treatment.

Study findings

  • To date, all of the studies on AOH1996 have been in the lab in animals or isolated cells.
    • AOH1996 prevents cells taken from human cancers from growing. It was effective on cells from breast, , brain, ovarian, cervical, skin and lung cancers. In lab tests, healthy cells were unharmed.
    • In the lab, this drug works either by itself or when combined with standard chemotherapy drugs.
    • When used alone, AOH1996 can prevent tumors of the nervous system, breast or lung from growing in mice.
  • AOH1996 has not yet been tested in people; lab research has been done only in animals and isolated cells. More research is needed to learn how this drug works and whether it is safe and useful in humans.
    • The first small clinical trial in humans has started. No information is available yet on the safety or usefulness of this drug.

What does this mean for me?

This drug is only available through a clinical trial to test if it is safe and useful in humans. It will likely be a few years before we know whether this treatment will work in people. Currently, the study is only enrolling people with advanced cancers who have no further treatment options available. The study is open at City of Hope near Los Angeles, California and may open at additional sites in the future. Contact for more information about participating in the study.


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posted 9/7/23

Questions To Ask Your Doctor
Questions To Ask Your Doctor

  • Do I qualify for this clinical study?
  • What other clinical trials might be appropriate for me?

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