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Stages and Subtypes

Read about cancer treatment options listed by gene mutation, type of cancer and type of treatment.

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Subtypes and stages of endometrial cancer

Treatment for endometrial cancer depends on the and subtype of the cancer. Treatment often includes a combination of surgery, radiation, hormone and/or chemotherapy. People with advanced cancers ( 3 or 4) may also benefit from  or . Clinical trials may be available for any  of cancer.

Stages of endometrial cancer

The  of a cancer refers to whether it has spread beyond the uterus, and if it has, the location in the body where it has spread. Measuring the  of endometrial cancer helps doctors decide how to treat it. 

  •  1 is confined to the uterus
  •  2 has spred to the cervix
  • Stages 3 and 4 the cancer has spread to the and other areas of the body

Doctors may order additional tests such as chest XRAYS, chest, pelvic and abdominal CT, or PET scans to learn if the cancer has spread beyond the uterus. 

Subtypes of endometrial cancer

There are several different types of endometrial cancer, based on how the cells look under a microscope. Treatment may vary for each subtype. The most common subtype is endometrioid . This type of endometrial cancer usually responds well to treatment. 

Other, less common types of endometrial cancer are considered high-risk because they are more likely to spread. These include:

  • carcinosarcomas. These are more common among Black women.
  • papillary serous carcinomas. These rare cancers are slightly more likely to occur in women with a  mutation.
  • clear cell carcinomas.
  • undifferentiated or dedifferentiated carcinoma. 

Get Support
Get Support

The following organizations offer peer support services for people with or at high risk for endometrial cancer:

Last updated August 25, 2023