Risk Management & Treatment

Inherited mutations linked to endometrial cancer

The most common inherited gene mutations associated with hereditary endometrial cancer are:

  • EPCAM (Lynch syndrome)
  • MLH1 (Lynch syndrome)
  • MSH2 (Lynch syndrome)
  • MSH6 (Lynch syndrome)
  • PMS2 (Lynch syndrome)
  • PTEN (Cowden syndrome)
  • STK11 (Peutz-Jegher syndrome) 

A rare type of endometrial cancer, uterine serous carcinoma, has also been associated with BRCA mutations. However, this remains under investigation.

Panel tests look for mutations in many genes at the same time. Genetic panels may include new or less common genes. Some panels may include additional genes other than those listed above.


If you are a person who has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, you can find peer support through the following resources:

Other organizations that provide support for people diagnosed with ovarian cancer include:

  • SHARE is a nonprofit that provides support and information for women with breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer.