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Cancer risk associated with inherited CDK4 mutations

If you have tested positive for an inherited CDK4 mutation, we recommend that you speak with a genetics expert who can look at your personal and family history of cancer and can help you choose the best plan for managing your cancer risk.

  • People who have a CDK4 mutation have a very high lifetime risk of developing melanoma, which may be as high as 80%. The lifetime risk for melanoma in someone without a mutation is about 2.5 percent.
  • People with a CDK4 mutation have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. The exact risk is unknown. 
Last updated March 14, 2022

Open Clinical Trials
Open Clinical Trials

NCT02665195: Registry Of MultiPlex Testing (PROMPT). PROMPT is an online research registry. The goal of PROMPT is to help researchers to better understand the risks that are linked to mutations in less well-studied genes. People with inherited mutations can enroll in PROMPT to help researchers learn more about cancer risks. 

updated: 05/29/2023