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Hormone Replacement

Women facing hereditary cancer have special considerations associated with early onset menopause and symptom management.

Overview of hormone replacement

Hormone replacement may be categorized in different ways:

  • the type of hormones contained in the preparation
  • how the hormone is delivered to the body 
  • how the hormone preparation is made

A woman’s body makes various types of estrogen, as well as progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones. Several hormone replacement options for women with surgical menopause contain varying amounts and combinations of these hormones, depending on a woman’s situation or symptoms. For example, a woman who experiences vaginal dryness may find that low-dose estrogen creams, low-dose tablets, or an estrogen-releasing device called a “low-dose vaginal estrogen ring” to be helpful. These work by delivering estrogen to the vaginal walls while minimizing absorption into the body. 

Updated 11/04/2015

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