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Tribute in Memory of: Janice C. Meyer

Honor Janice C. Meyer


In loving memory of Janice Meyer.

Personal Story

Janice was a wonderful mother to three [mostly wonderful ;)] kids - Katie, Jeff, and Emily. She was also "Mom" to Brodie, an extremely hyper Westie puppy. Janice was married to Carl for 33 years. She was an 8th grade pre-algebra and algebra teacher at River Trails Middle School. Her hobbies included reading, listening to classical music, sewing, and going on vacations with her family.

Janice was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January of 2009. She had surgery to remove the areas with cancer and immediately started with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, her remission lasted less than a year. Janice tried a couple different types of chemo and despite a few setbacks, she did a great job of staying upbeat and persevering. Her battle with ovarian cancer ended on February 19, 2011. She left peacefully with her immediate family and best friends by her side. Janice was a great mom to her children and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

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Make a donation to FORCE to help support breast and ovarian cancer research.

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Carl Meyer
Aileen Hoyne
Patti and Corinne Ernst
Yadja Engel
Andrew Wallace