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Diversity, equity and inclusion are core organizational values, which provide us with a path for improving health outcomes for all members of our community.

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Our blog provides meaningful information to FORCE website visitors. It shares personal stories by our constituents and informs readers about the ongoing actions of FORCE and our partners toward removing health disparities. Information and research updates about diversity, equity and inclusion are also featured. Contact [email protected] if you would like to submit a blog on any of these topics.   

April 19, 2024

Byrd Cancer Education and Advocacy Foundation

by Trudean Haye, Executive Director                           As the Executive Director of Byrd Cancer Education & Advocacy Foundation and the founder of ITAVFoundation (It Takes A Village), my life's mission is...

Posted in: Health Equity And Disparities , Diversity And Inclusion , Featured Partner
Tags: Screening And Prevention , Cancer Advocacy , Cancer Early Detection , Health Equity , Minority Cancer Awareness

December 19, 2023

For the Love of My Gurls

by Hayley Brown, Director of Partnerships and Programs Even though Black women under age 35 get breast cancer at twice the rate of white women and die three times as often, even the most liberal screening guidelines recommend yearly screening...

Posted in: Health Equity And Disparities , Screening And Prevention , Diversity And Inclusion , Featured Partner
Tags: Women Of Color , Minority Cancer Awareness , Breast Cancer Early Detection , Breast Self Exam , Breast Screening

October 19, 2023

De Madres a Hijas: Educating Latina Mothers and Daughters about HBOC Risk

by Laura A. Logie, PhD Nueva Vida (New Life) is a community-based, non-profit organization providing culturally sensitive and competent cancer care services that support the Latino immigrant community. We work tirelessly to tackle the myriad of...

Posted in: Genetic Testing , Health Equity And Disparities , Screening And Prevention , Diversity And Inclusion , Featured Partner
Tags: Breast Cancer , Ovarian Cancer , HBOC , Early Detection , Patient Advocacy , Health Disparities , Health Equity , Women Of Color , Minority Cancer Awareness

March 01, 2023

Lynch Syndrome Lurked in My Family’s Genes for Years Before Colon Cancer Took My Son

by Junius Nottingham During my approximately 30 years as a federal agent and supervisor, I worked undercover on numerous occasions and supervised many white-collar crimes involving doctors, lawyers and nurses. Yet none of my work or life...

Posted in: Men With Mutations , Stories , Diversity And Inclusion
Tags: Genetic Counseling , Genetic Testing , Lynch Syndrome , Colorectal Cancer

February 27, 2023

This Boy We Made: The Beautiful Story of a Mother Advocating for Her Son’s Health and Ultimately Discovering Her Own BRCA2 Mutation in the Process

In her memoir, This Boy We Made, Taylor Harris shares the story of her young son Tophs’s medical condition, a series of symptoms that his doctors can’t seem to find answers for. Harris becomes Tophs’s greatest advocate, searching for her own...

Posted in: Books And Movies , Stories , Fertility And Parenting , Diversity And Inclusion
Tags: BRCA2 , Health Disparities , Mental Health , Women Of Color

November 01, 2022

Lynch Syndrome, an ATM Mutation and Issues of Gender Identity and Fertility Access

by Scarlett Shiloh (they/them) Unfortunately, You Have Lynch Syndrome and an ATM Mutation I remember exactly how I felt hearing my genetic counselor say the word “unfortunately.” On March 10, 2022, I found out I inherited Lynch syndrome (I...

Posted in: Health Equity And Disparities , Stories , Fertility And Parenting , Previvor , Diversity And Inclusion
Tags: Hereditary Cancer , ATM , Lynch Syndrome , Health Disparities , Health Equity , Mental Health

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Community Partners

Reaching all members of our diverse community requires efforts from inside and outside our organization. While we ensure that all of our activities further our strategic goals, we also prioritize working with existing groups that focus on reaching marginalized populations and addressing health disparities.

Visit our partner page to meet our partners. 

Partner Spotlight

The Bloom Syndrome Association

by Mary Treder, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors A few months before his second birthday, my grandson was diagnosed with Bloom syndrome. Learning that a child you love has an ultra-rare disorder marked by a greatly increased risk of...