How to submit your listing for FORCE's Featured Research Page

FORCE promotes select hereditary cancer clinical research studies through our Featured Research page. Before submitting your study, please complete this collaboration request form.

Once your request has been received, we will contact you to let you know if your study can be listed on the Featured Research page. 

If your study has been selected for promotion, please use the following guidance to prepare your page submission. 

  1. Draft communications and recruitment materials in language that:
    • people can understand the first time they read it.
    • keeps grammar simple and avoids run-on sentences.
    • avoids jargon.
    • spells out abbreviations.
    • avoids words or expressions that objectify or stigmatize people.
    • conveys clearly the goals and main eligibility in the study title and overview (if possible).
  2. View examples of studies already listed on our page:
    • Survey, registry or interview examples
    • Clinical trial or treatment study example 1 (RCT study), example 2 (phase 1, open label study of new agent)
    • Screening study example 1 (pancreatic cancer detection study), example 2 (breast cancer detection study)
    • Prevention study example 1 (surgical prevention study), example 2 (dietary supplement prevention study)
    • Genetic testing study example
    • Quality of life study example 1, example 2
  3. Download and complete the appropriate template for your study.
  4. If you have been approved for additional promotion via our newsletter, message boards or social media, please follow this guide to submit your posts. 
  5. Email your completed template/s to [email protected].

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your study to be included in our database. We will send you a link for your promotion once the study is live on our website.