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Information for people with  inherited MUTYH mutations

People who inherit mutations in both copies of their MUTYH gene have MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). People with MAP are at high risk for several types of cancer.

People with a mutation in only one copy of their MUTYH gene do not develop MAP. These people have a slightly increased risk for colorectal cancer. See our Cancer Risk section for more information. 

There are guidelines for screening and prevention for certain cancers in people with MAP and for people with a single MUTYH mutation. See our Risk Management section for more information about screening recommendations.

People with MAP who have been diagnosed with cancer may qualify for specific clinical trials. Visit our Cancer Treatment section for more information about treatment clinical trials and other resources for people diagnosed with cancer.

Because of the high lifetime risk of cancer with MAP, people with MAP of reproductive age may wish to speak with a genetics expert about options related to family planning. See our Other Considerations section for more information. 

Last updated December 31, 2023