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Ovarian Cancer Survivors

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Ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancers are very closely related cancers that have been linked to several different inherited mutations. Every women diagnosed with these ovarian-type cancers at any age meets national guidelines for genetic counseling and genetic testing. One out of every five women with ovarian cancer will test positive for an inherited mutation. The genes that have been linked to ovarian cancer include:

Benefits of genetic testing for women with ovarian cancer include:

  • Women with ovarian cancer who test positive for a BRCA mutation may qualify for treatment with the FDA approved targeted therapiesLynparza or Rubraca.
  • Results may affect eligibility for certain clinical trials and research studies.
  • Results can help women understand their risk for breast cancer and other cancers to guide medical decisions about risk management.
  • Test results can help relatives understand their risk for cancer and take actions to stay healthy.

If you are an ovarian cancer survivor making decisions about genetic testing can be confusing and you may want additional guidance or support. FORCE's Peer Navigation Program provides expert reviewed resources and 1:1 personalized peer support by specially trained volunteers who have experienced the very challenges you face.

Updated 12/30/2016

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