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Gynecologists and gynecologic oncologists are doctors who focus on conditions of the female reproductive tract

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The following resources can help you locate an expert near you.

Finding gynecologists with expertise in cancer risk and treatment

Related experts

Some symptoms and conditions related to female reproduction may be managed by other experts. 

Fertility experts

  • The Oncofertility Consortium maintains a national database of healthcare providers with expertise in fertility preservation and treatment of people who are diagnosed with cancer or have a high risk for cancer due to an inherited mutation.  
  • Livestrong has a listing of 450 sites that offer fertility preservation options for people diagnosed with cancer.
    Financial assistance may be available to make the cost of fertility preservation affordable for more patients. Patients are referred to those programs as needed.

Menopause experts

Sexual health experts

Other ways to find experts

  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers deliver cutting-edge cancer care to patients in communities across the United States. Most centers have specialized screening and prevention centers for high-risk people. Find a center near you and learn about its specific research capabilities, programs, and initiatives.
  • Register for the FORCE Message Boards to get referrals from other members. Once you register, you can post on the Find a Specialist board to connect with other people who share your situation.

Resources, Tips, More Help

Gynecologists specialize in the female reproductive system. Gynecologic oncologists have additional training in cancer screening, prevention and treatment. If you are followed by a gynecologist, make sure they are aware of expert guidelines and have experience caring for people at high risk for cancer. 

For more information, visit our sections on endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer screening and prevention. 

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