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Benefits of Testing
Review expert guidelines regarding who should consider genetic testing, how to find a genetics expert and how to move forward with testing.

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Genetic testing benefits for people who have never been diagnosed with cancer

For people who have never been diagnosed with cancer, genetic testing can help them make medical decisions about cancer screening and prevention. If you have a family history of cancer or relatives who tested positive for an inherited mutation linked to cancer, you should speak with a genetics expert about genetic testing. 

Genetic test result can help you understand your cancer risk and take actions to stay healthy.

  • If you test positive for an , your risk for certain cancers may be higher than average. You may have options for lowering your risk for cancer or increasing your screening to detect cancer early. 
  • If you test negative for an that runs in your family, your risk for cancer may not be high. Your children cannot inherit any mutation from you for which you tested negative. 


Last updated July 21, 2020