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Information for people with inherited  mutations

Women who inherit a mutation have an increased risk of breast cancer. More research is needed to learn if inherited mutations increase the risk for other cancers. See our Cancer Risk section for more information. 

There are guidelines for breast cancer screening for people with a mutation. See our Risk Management section for more information.

People with a  mutation who have been diagnosed with cancer may qualify for specific treatments or clinical trials. Visit our Cancer Treatment section for more information about treatment options for people with a  mutation.

More about the gene

The name stands for " Associated Ring Domain 1."  is located on chromosome 2. The   gene works with to repair damaged . Although the two genes work together, the effects of a mutation are different; people with a mutation do not have the same cancer risk as people with a mutation.

Last updated November 27, 2023

Get Support
Get Support

FORCE offers many peer support programs for people with inherited mutations. 

updated: 08/06/2022