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There are a number of national financial assistance programs for people diagnosed with cancer.

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Cancer Care

FORCE does not provide financial assistance. However, we are happy to share these resources. Contact the following organizations to learn about your eligibility. 

All Cancers 

  • Allyson Whitney Foundation provides grants to young adults (ages 16-36) with rare cancers for medical bills, rent, utilities, car and health insurance premiums, IVF treatments and other expenses.
  • Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition of organizations helps cancer patients with financial support.
  • CancerCare offers 3 services. Financial Assistance Program for cancer-related costs such as transportation and childcare, and their oncology social workers can help you find resources. Co-payment Assistance Foundation helps people with cancer overcome financial access and treatment barriers by assisting them with co-payments for their prescribed treatments. Helping Hand Online Financial Resources Database finds additional local and national resources to help with financial and practical needs in their searchable database.
  • Family Reach provides financial assistance to families with children or young adults impacted by cancers.
  • HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to help with prescription copays, health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-insurance, travel costs and behavioral health services.
  • Hill-Burton Facilities provide free or reduced-cost health services not covered by government program such as Medicare or Medicaid to those with limited income.
  • Medicine Assistance Tool is a search engine that helps people learn more about the resources available though the various biopharma company programs.
  • Needy Meds is a prescription search engine that helps find patient assistance forms. 
  • Patient Access Network (PAN Foundation) helps underinsured people with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases get needed medications and treatment.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation provides case managers who help identify financial assistance programs and resources for those facing challenges.
  • Simplefill provides description advocate programs for over 1,500 drugs.
  • The Assistance Fund helps patients and families facing high medical costs by providing assistance for copays, coinsurance, deductibles and other health-related expenses.
  • The Jonah Foundation provides financial assistance to families in need who are fighting cancer while pregnant or with younger children.

Breast Cancer 

Colon Cancer 

  • Colorectal Cancer Alliance financial assistance of a one time $200 award to provide help with household bills, childcare, transportation costs, or food. Limited awards are available each month. 
  • Meredith’s Miracles offers financial assistance to cover daily living expenses for young adults who are currently fighting colon cancer.

Endometrial Cancer 

Peaches Trust provides grants to those diagnosed with endometrial cancer and other gynecological cancers. The funds can be used for medical supplies, transportation and lodging expense related to care. 

Ovarian Cancer

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Foundation provides financial assistance for non-medical expenses.

OvarCare offers a financial grant of $200, a $100 gas card, a $100 grocery card, optional counseling session via phone by a licensed clinical social worker. Genetic Counseling sessions via phone by a licensed Genetic Counselor.

Pancreatic Cancer 

  • Hirshberg Foundation offers grants to people with pancreatic cancer for transportation and treatment costs, pain medication, home care and childcare.
  • National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation provides those diagnosed with financial assistance for living expenses, utilities and other bills.
  • Project Purple is dedicated to providing financial aid for medical and everyday living expenses to patients in treatment for pancreatic cancer. 

Prostate Cancer 

  • Angel Foundation offers financial assistance that helps prostate cancer patients with nonmedical living expenses, such as food, gas, utilities, and rent or mortgage payments.
  • Zero Cancer offers financial support, like copay assistance and a comprehensive list of free prostate cancer test centers in the U.S.

Tips for finding assistance

Many hospitals and oncology practices have nurse navigators, social workers or financial counselors who can help identify financial assistance and other resources.

Additional local and state resources may be available.