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Fertility experts can assist with family planning challenges due to cancer prevention, treatment or an inherited cancer syndrome

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The following resources can help you locate an expert near you or via telehealth. 

Finding fertility experts

  • The Oncofertility Consortium maintains a national database of healthcare providers with expertise in fertility preservation and treatment of people who are diagnosed with cancer or at high risk for cancer due to an inherited mutation.  
  • Livestrong has a listing of 450 sites that offer fertility preservation options for people diagnosed with cancer. Financial assistance may be available to make the cost of fertility preservation affordable for more patients.

Other ways to find experts

Resources, Tips, More Help

If you are in your reproductive years and have been diagnosed with cancer, or you are considering steps to lower your cancer risk that will interfere with your fertility, you should request referral to a fertility expert. 

For more information, visit our section on fertility and family planning.

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