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Combination Chemotherapy With or Without Atezolizumab in Treating Patients With Stage III Colon Cancer and Deficient DNA Mismatch Repair identifier:

Study Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact: Principal Investigator: Frank A Sinicrope, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology

Combination Chemotherapy With or Without Atezolizumab in Treating Patients With Stage III Colon Cancer and Deficient DNA Mismatch Repair

About the Study

may help the body's immune system attack the cancer, and may interfere with the ability of tumor cells to grow and spread.

This phase III trial is for people with 3 colon cancer. The study will compare how well treatment with a combination of chemotherapy agents and an agent works compared with treatment with combination chemotherapy agents alone. This study is focused on patients who have a known as or , which are commonly seen in people with . NOTE: This study is no longer enrolling people. 

What the Study Entails

People will be assigned randomly to one of two groups:

Group 1: Chemotherapy and

  • People in this group will receive combination chemotherapy intravenously (oxaliplatin, leucovorin calcium and fluorouracil) on day 1, then continuously over 46 hours on days 1-3. Treatment repeats every 14 days for up to 12 cycles in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable .
  • Patients also receive atezolizumab IV starting on day 1 of cycle 1 or 2. Treatment repeats every 14 days for up to 25 cycles in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable .

Group 2: Chemotherapy only

  • People in this group will receive combination chemotherapy intravenously (oxaliplatin, leucovorin calcium, and fluorouracil) on day 1, then continuously over 46 hours on days 1-3. Treatment repeats every 14 days for up to 12 cycles in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable .

Both groups of participants will be followed for up to 5 years.

Study Sites

Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut
Delaware DC Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin


  • Anchorage: Katmai Oncology Group; Contact: 907-212-6871 or email    


  • Tucson: Banner University Medical Center - Tucson; Contact by email   
  • Tucson: University of Arizona Cancer Center-North Campus; Contact: 800-327-2873


  • Anaheim: Kaiser Permanente-Anaheim; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Arroyo Grande: PCR Oncology; Contact: 702-384-0013 or email
  • Auburn: Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email
  • Baldwin Park: Kaiser Permanente-Baldwin Park;Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Bellflower: Kaiser Permanente-Bellflower; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email  
  • Berkeley: Alta Bates Summit Medical Center-Herrick Campus; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email 
  • Clovis: University Oncology Associates; Contact: 559-256-9680     
  • Dublin: Epic Care-Dublin; Contact: 925-875-1677
  • Emeryville: Epic Care Partners in Cancer Care; Contact: 510-629-6682     
  • Fontana: Kaiser Permanente-Fontana; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Fremont: Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Fremont; Contact by email
  • Harbor City: Kaiser Permanente - Harbor City; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email     
  • Irvine: Kaiser Permanente-Irvine; Contact: 800-398-3996 or  or email  
  • Los Angeles:Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email 
  • Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center; Contact: 323-865-0451
  • Los Angeles: USC / Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center; Contact: 323-865-0451 
  • Los Angeles: Kaiser Permanente-Cadillac; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Martinez: Contra Costa Regional Medical Center; Contact: 925-957-5400
  • Marysville: Fremont - Rideout Cancer Center; Contact: 530-749-4400 
  • Modesto: Memorial Medical Center; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email
  • Mountain View: Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Camino Division; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email   
  • Ontario: Kaiser Permanente-Ontario; Contact: 800-398-3996  or email
  • Orange: UC Irvine Health/Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center; Contact: 877-827-8839 or email    
  • Palo Alto: Palo Alto Medical Foundation Health Care; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email
  • Palo Alto: Stanford Cancer Institute Palo Alto; Contact: 650-498-7061 or email  
  • Palo Alto: VA Palo Alto Health Care System; Contact: 800-455-0057
  • Panorama City: Kaiser Permanente - Panorama City; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Riverside: Kaiser Permanente - Riverside; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Roseville: Sutter Roseville Medical Center; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email
  • Sacramento: Sutter Medical Center Sacramento; Contact: 415-209-2686 or email 
  • Sacramento: University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center; Contact: 916-734-3089
  • Salinas: Salinas Valley Memorial; Contact: 831-759-1838 or email
  • San Diego: Kaiser Permanente-San Diego Zion; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • San Diego: Sharp Memorial Hospital; Contact: 858-939-5062 or email
  • San Francisco: California Pacific Medical Center-Pacific Campus; Contact:  415-209-2686 or email  
  • San Marcos: Kaiser Permanente-San Marcos; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email
  • Santa Cruz: Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Santa Cruz; Contact: Site Public Contact: 415-209-2686 or email  
  • Sunnyvale: Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Sunnyvale; Contact: Site Public Contact: 415-209-2686 or email  
  • Vellego:  Sutter Solano Medical Center/Cancer Center; Contact: Site Public Contact: 415-209-2686 or email  
  • Woodland Hills: Kaiser Permanente-Woodland Hills; Contact: 800-398-3996 or email


  • Aurora: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Aurora; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email     
  • Aurora: University of Colorado Hospital; Contact:720-848-0650 
  • Boulder: Boulder Community Hospital; Contact 303-777-2663 or email
  • Boulder: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Boulder; Contact 303-777-2663 or email
  • Colorado Springs: Penrose-Saint Francis Healthcare; Contact: 308-398-6518 or email
  • Colorado Springs: UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central; Contact: 719-365-2406
  • Colorado Springs: Memorial Hospital North; Contact: 719-364-6700
  • Denver: Kaiser Permanente-Franklin; Contact: 303-764-5056 or email 
  • Denver: National Jewish Health-Main Campus; Contact: 877-225-5654 or email   
  • Denver: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Midtown; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Denver: SCL Health Saint Joseph Hospital; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email 
  • Denver: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Rose; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Englewood: Swedish Medical Center; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Englewood: Mountain Blue Cancer Care Center - Swedish; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Fort Collins: Poudre Valley Hospital; Contact: 970-297-6150        
  • Fort Collins: Cancer Care and Hematology-Fort Collins; Contact: 888-823-5923 or email
  • Golden: National Jewish Health-Western Hematology Oncology; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email  
  • Grand Junction:Saint Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Greeley: North Colorado Medical Center; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email   
  • Greeley: UCHealth Greeley Hospital;Contact: 888-823-5923 or email   
  • Lafayette: Good Samaritan Medical Center; Contact: 303-673-1622        
  • Lafayette: Kaiser Permanente-Rock Creek; Contact: 303-764-5056 or email 
  • Littleton: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Littleton; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email  
  • Lone Tree: Kaiser Permanente-Lone Tree; Contact: 303-764-5056 or email 
  • Lone Tree: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers-Sky Ridge; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email
  • Longmont: Longmont United Hospital; Contact: 308-398-6518 or email    
  • Loveland: Medical Center of the Rockies; Contact: 970-203-7083    
  • Loveland: McKee Medical Center; Contact: 303-777-2663 or email        
  • Thornton: National Jewish Health-Northern Hematology Oncology; Contact: 303-777-2663  or email    
  • Wheat Ridge: SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center; Contact: 303-777-2663  or email       


  • Derby: Smilow Cancer Hospital-Derby Care Center; Contact: 203-785-5702 or email
  • Fairfield: Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center-Fairfield; Contact:  203-785-5702  or email  
  • Guildford: Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Guiford; Contact: 203-785-5702  or email  
  •  Hartford: Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Saint Francis; Contact: 203-785-5702  or email  
  • Middletown: Middlesex Hospital; Contact: 860-358-2058 or email   
  • New Haven: Yale University; Contact: 203-785-5702  or email 
  • North Haven: Yale-New Haven Hospital North Haven Medical Center; Contact: 203-785-5702  or email  
  • Torrington: Smilow Cancer Hospital-Torrington Care Center ;Contact: 203-785-5702  or email  
  • Trumbull: Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center-Trumbull; Contact: 203-785-5702 or email   
  •  Waterbury: Smilow Cancer Hospital-Waterbury Care Center; Contact: 203-785-5702 or email 
  •  Waterford: Smilow Cancer Hospital-Waterford Care Center; Contact: 203-785-5702 or email 


  • Frankford: Beebe South Coastal Health Campus; Contact: 302-645-3100 or email      
  • Newark: Helen F Graham Cancer Center; Contact: 302-623-4450 or email           
  • Newark: Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants PA; Contact: 302-623-4450 or email      
  • Rehoboth Beach: Beebe Health Campus; Contact: 302-645-3100 or email    

District of Columbia

  • Sibley Memorial Hospital; Contact: 202-243-2373 or email         


  • Aventura: Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center at Aventura; Contact: 305-674-2625 or email        
  • Daytona Beach: Halifax Health Medical Center-Centers for Oncology; Contact: 386-254-4211     
  • Fort Lauderdale: Broward Health Medical Center; Contact: 954-355-5346         
  • Fort Myers: Regional Cancer Center-Lee Memorial Health System; Contact: 773-702-9171 or email     
  • Miami Beach: Mount Sinai Medical Center; Contact:305-674-2625 or email    
  • Orlando: AdventHealth Orlando; Contact: 407-303-2090 or email        


  • Albany: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Contact:    229-312-0405 or email    
  • Athens: University Cancer and Blood Center LLC; Contact: 706-353-5006 or email    
  • Augusta: Augusta Oncology Associates PC-D'Antignac; Contact: 706-821-2944  
  • Augusta: Augusta Oncology Associates PC-Wheeler; Contact: 706-736-1830        


  • 'Aiea: Pali Momi Medical Center; Contact: 808-486-6000        
  • Honolulu: Queen's Cancer Cenrer - POB I; Contact: 808-532-0315
  • Honolulu: Queen's Medical Center; Contact: 808-545-8548     
  • Honolulu: Straub Clinic and Hospital; Contact: 808-522-4333    
  • Honolulu: Queen's Cancer Center - Kuakini; Contact: 808-531-8521    


  • Boise: Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center-Boise; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email     
  • Boise: Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute; Contact: 208-381-2774 or email     
  • Caldwell: Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center-Caldwell; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email     
  • Coeur d'Alene: Kootenai Medical Center; Contact: 406-969-6060 or email      
  • Fruitland: Saint Luke's Cancer Institute - Fruitland; Contact: 208-381-2774 or email      
  • Meridian: Saint Luke's Cancer Institute - Meridian; Contact: 208-381-2774 or email      
  • Nampa: Saint Alphonsus Medical Center-Nampa; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email     
  • Nampa: Saint Luke's Cancer Institute - Nampa; Contact: 208-381-2774 or email     
  • Post Falls: Kootenai Cancer Center; Contact: 406-969-6060 or email     
  • Sandpoint: Kootenai Cancer Center; Contact: 406-969-6060 or email      
  • Twin Falls:Saint Luke's Cancer Institute - Twin Falls; Contact: 208-381-2774 or email    


  • Bloomington: Illinois CancerCare-Bloomington; Contact:  309-243-3605 or email        
  • Canton: Illinois CancerCare-Canton; Contact:  309-243-3605 or email       
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  • Centralia: Centralia Oncology Clinic; Contact: 217-876-4740 or email       
  • Chicago: Northwestern University; Contact: 312-695-1301 or email     
  • Chicago: Rush University Medical Center; Contact : 312-942-5498 or email       
  • Crystal Lake: AMG Crystal Lake - Oncology; Contact: Site Public Contact    630-929-6129  or email      
  • Decatur: Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois - Decatur; Contact: 217-876-4740 or email       
  • Dixon: Illinois CancerCare-Dixon; Contact    815-285-7800      
  • Eureka: Illinois CancerCare-Eureka; Contact 309-243-3605  or email      
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  • Freeport: Freeport Memorial Hospital/Leonard C Ferguson Cancer Center; Contact: 815-599-7000     
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  • Mooresville: Franciscan Health Mooresville; Contact: 317-834-3603
  • Richmond: Reid Health; Contact: 937-528-2900    [email protected]
  • Terre Haute: Union Hospital; Contact: 812-238-7394     


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  • Hays: HaysMed University of Kansas Health System
  • Kansas City:University of Kansas Cancer Center-West; Contact: 913-588-3671 or email      
  • Liberal: Cancer Center of Kansas-Liberal; Contact: 316-268-5374 or email
  • Olathe: Olathe Health Cancer Center; Contact: 913-355-8000    [email protected]  
  • Overland Park: University of Kansas Cancer Center-Overland Park; Contact: 913-588-3671    [email protected]  
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  • Lexington: University of Kentucky/Markey Cancer Center; Contact: 859-257-3379     


  • Baton Rouge: LSU Health Baton Rouge-North Clinic; Contact: 225-215-1353    [email protected]
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  • Kenner: Ochsner Medical Center Kenner; Contact: 504-464-8314    [email protected]     
  • New Orleans: Ochsner Medical Center Jefferson; Contact: 504-703-8712    [email protected]  


  • Augusta: Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care; Contact: 207-626-4855     
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  • Biddeford:  MaineHealth/SMHC Cancer Care and Blood Disorders-Biddeford; Contact       [email protected] 
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  • Rockport: Penobscot Bay Medical Center; Contact: 207-396-8670    [email protected]  
  • Sanford: MaineHealth/SMHC Cancer Care and Blood Disorders-Sanford; Contact  [email protected] 
  • South Portland: Maine Medical Partners - South Portland; Contact: 207-396-8670    [email protected]  


  • Baltimore: Saint Agnes Hospital; Contact: 410-368-2910     
  • Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University/Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center; Contact: 410-955-8804    [email protected]  
  • Glen Burnie: UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center/Tate Cancer Center; Contact: 410-553-8100          


  • Boston: Boston Medical Center; Contact: 617-638-8265     
  • Boston: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Contact: 617-667-9925     
  • Boston: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Contact: 877-442-3324       


  • Ann Arbor: Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Battle Creek: Bronson Battle Creek; Contact: 616-391-1230    [email protected]          
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  • Bloomfield: McLaren Cancer Institute-Bloomfield; Contact: 313-576-9790    [email protected]  
  • Brighton: IHA Hematology Oncology Consultants-Brighton; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Brighton: Saint Joseph Mercy Brighton; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Brownstown: Henry Ford Cancer Institute-Downriver; Contact: 313-916-3721    [email protected]
  • Canton: IHA Hematology Oncology Consultants-Canton; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Canton: Saint Joseph Mercy Canton; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Chelsea: IHA Hematology Oncology Consultants-Chelsea; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email  
  • Chelsea: Saint Joseph Mercy Chelsea; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email   
  • Clarkston: Hematology Oncology Consultants-Clarkston; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email      
  • Clarkston: McLaren Cancer Institute-Clarkston; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email  
  • Dearborn: Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn; Contact: 248-551-7695
  • Dearborn: Henry Ford Medical Center-Fairlane; Contact: 313-916-3721 or email
  • Detroit:Wayne State University/Karmanos Cancer Institute; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email 
  • Detroit: Henry Ford Hospital; Contact: 313-916-3721 or email
  • East China Township: Great Lakes Cancer Management Specialiists - Doctors Park; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email 
  • Farmington Hills: Weisberg Cancer Treatment Center; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email
  • Flint: McLaren Cancer Institute-Flint; ; Contact: 313-576-9790 or by email 
  • Flint: Genessee Cancer and Blood Disease Center: Contact: 734-712-3671 or email          
  • Flint: Singh and Arora Hematology Oncology PC; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email 
  • Grand Rapids: Spectrum Health at Butterworth Campus; Contact: 616-391-1230 or email
  • Grosse Point Woods: Academic Hematology Oncology Specialists; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email  
  • Grosse Point Woods: Great Lakes Cancer Management Specialists-Van Elslander Cancer Center; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email   
  • Jackson: Allegiance Health; Contact: 313-916-3721 or by email
  • Kalamazoo: West Michigan Cancer Center; Contact: 616-391-1230 or email
  • Lansing: McLaren-Greater Lansing; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email  
  • Lansing: Sparrow Hospital; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email  
  • Lapeer: McLaren Cancer Institute-Lapeer Region; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email 
  • Livonia: Hope Cancer Clinic; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email    
  • Livonia: Saint Mary Mercy Hospital; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email  
  • Mount Clemens: McLaren Cancer Institute-Macomb; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email       
  • Mount Pleasant: McLaren Cancer Institute-Central Michigan; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email  
  • Novi: Henry Ford Medical Center-Columbus; Contact: 313-916-3721 or by email        
  • Petoskey: McLaren Cancer Institute-Northern Michigan; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email          
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  • Port Huron: McLaren-Port Huron; Contact: 313-576-9790 or email 
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  • Saginaw: Ascension Saint Mary's Hospital; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email     
  • Southfield: Ascension Providence Hospitals - Southfield; Contact: 248-849-5332 or email      
  • Tawas City: Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email   
  • Traverse City: Munson Medical Center; Contact: 616-391-1230 or email
  • Troy: William Beaumont Hospital-Troy; Contact: 248-551-7695
  • Warren: Great Lakes Cancer Management Specialists-Macomb Professional Building; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email 
  • West Bloomfield: Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital; Contact: 313-916-3721 or by email 
  • West Branch: Saint Mary's Oncology/Hematology Associates of West Branch; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email 
  • Ypsilanti: IHA Hematology Oncology Consultants-Ann Arbor; Contact: 734-712-3671 or email


  • Albert Lea: Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea; Contact: 855-776-0015
  • Bemidji: Sanford Joe Lueken Cancer Center; Contact: 218-333-5000    [email protected]   
  • Burnsville: Fairview Ridges Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected] 
  • Coon Rapids: Mercy Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Deer River: Essentia Health - Deer River Clinic; Contact: 218-786-3308    [email protected]  
  • Duluth: Essentia Health Cancer Center; Contact: 218-786-3308    [email protected]  
  • Edina: Fairview Southdale Hospital; Contact:    952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Fridley: Unity Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Hibbing: Essentia Health Hibbing Clinic; Contact: 218-786-3308     
  • Mankato: Mayo Clinic Health Systems-Mankato; Contact: 855-776-0015     
  • Maplewood: Minnesota Oncology Hematology PA-Maplewood; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Maplewood: Saint John's Hospital - Healtheast; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Minneapolis: Abbott-Northwestern Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Minneapolis: Hennepin County Medical Center; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Minneapolis: Health Partners; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]
  • Rochester: Mayo Clinic in Rochester; Contact: 855-776-0015     
  • Saint Cloud: Coborn Cancer Center at Saint Cloud Hospital; Contact: 877-229-4907    [email protected]  
  • Saint Louis Park: Park Nicollet Clinic - Saint Louis Park; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Saint Paul: Regions Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Saint Paul: United Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Sandstone: Essentia Health Sandstone; Contact    218-786-3308    [email protected]
  • Stillwater: Lakeview Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Virginia: Essentia Health Virginia Clinic; Contact: 218-786-3308    [email protected]
  • Waconia: Ridgeview Medical Center; Waconia, Minnesota, 55387
  • Wilmar: Rice Memorial Hospital; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  
  • Woodbury: Minnesota Oncology Hematology PA-Woodbury; Contact: 952-993-1517    [email protected]  


  • Ballwin: Saint Louis Cancer and Breast Institute-Ballwin; Contact: 314-251-7058     
  • Cape Girardeau: Saint Francis Medical Center; Contact: 573-334-2230    [email protected]
  • Cape Girardeau: Southeast Cancer Center; Contact: 573-651-5550
  • Columbia: University of Missouri - Ellis Fischel; Contact: 573-882-7440
  • Creve Coeur: Siteman Cancer Center at West County Hospital; Contact: 800-600-3606    [email protected]
  • Joplin: Mercy Hospital Joplin; Contact: 417-556-3074    [email protected]        
  • Kansas City: Truman Medical Centers; Contact: 816-404-4375     
  • Kansas City: University of Kansas Cancer Center - North; Contact: 913-588-3671    [email protected]  
  • Lee's Summit: University of Kansas Cancer Center - Lee's Summit; Contact: 913-588-3671    [email protected]  
  • Saint Louis: Washington University School of Medicine; Contact: 800-600-3606    [email protected]  
  • Saint Louis: Siteman Cancer Center-South County; Contact: 800-600-3606    [email protected]  
  • Saint Louis: Missouri Baptist Medical Center; Contact: 314-996-5569     
  • Saint Louis: Siteman Cancer Center at Christian Hospital; Contact: 800-600-3606    [email protected]  
  • Saint Peters: Siteman Cancer Center at Saint Peters Hospital; Contact: 800-600-3606    [email protected]  
  • Sainte Genevieve: Sainte Genevieve County Memorial Hospital; Contact: 314-996-5569     
  • Springfield: Mercy Hospital Springfield; Contact: 417-269-4520      
  • Sullivan: Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital; Contact: 314-996-5569     
  • Sunset Hills: Missouri Baptist Outpatient Center-Sunset Hills; Contact: 314-996-5569     


  • Anaconda: Community Hospital of Anaconda; Contact: 406-969-6060    [email protected]  
  • Billings: Billings Clinic Cancer Center; Contact    800-996-2663    [email protected] 
  • Bozeman: Bozeman Deaconess Hospital; Contact: 406-969-6060    [email protected] 
  • Great Falls: Benefis Healthcare- Sletten Cancer Institute; Contact: 406-969-6060    [email protected]
  • Kalispell: Kalispell Regional Medical Center; Contact: 406-969-6060    [email protected]
  • Missoula: Community Medical Hospital; Contact    406-969-6060    [email protected]   


  • Grand Island: CHI Health Saint Francis; Contact: 308-398-6518    [email protected]  
  • Kearney: CHI Health Good Samaritan; Contact: 308-398-6518    [email protected]  
  • Omaha: Nebraska Methodist Hospital; Contact: 402-354-5144     
  • Omaha: Nebraska Medicine-Village Pointe; Contact: 402-559-5600     
  • Omaha: Alegent Health Bergan Mercy Medical Center; Contact: 308-398-6518    [email protected]    
  • Omaha: University of Nebraska Medical Center; Contact: 402-559-6941    [email protected]    


  • Henderson: OptumCare Cancer Care at Seven Hills; Contact: 702-384-0013    [email protected]
  • Las Vegas: OptumCare Cancer Care at Oakey/MountainView and Fort Apache; Contact    702-384-0013    [email protected]  
  • Reno: Renown Regional Medical Center; Contact: 702-384-0013    [email protected]  

New Hampshire

  • Concord: New Hampshire Oncology Hematology PA-Concord; Contact: 603-224-2556
  • Exeter: Exeter Hospital; Contact    800-439-3837
  • Lebanon: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center; Contact: 800-639-6918    [email protected] 
  • Manchester: Solinsky Center for Cancer Care; Contact: 800-339-6484     

New Jersey

  • Basking Ridge: Memorial Sloan Kettering Basking Ridge; Contact: 212-639-7592     
  • Egg Harbor Township: AtlantiCare Surgery Center; Contact    609-748-7200 
  • Hamilton: The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Hamilton; Contact: 609-631-6946
  • Middletown:  Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth; Contact:   212-639-7592
  • Montvale: Memorial Sloan Kettering Bergen; Contact: 212-639-7592
  • Morristown: Morristown Medical Center; Contact: 973-971-5900
  • Mulica Hill: Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill; Contact: 856-508-3500    [email protected]
  • New Brunswick: Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey; Contact: 732-235-7356
  • Newark: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center; Contact: 973-926-7230    [email protected] 
  • Paramus:  The Valley Hospital-Luckow Pavilion; Contact: 201-634-5792
  • Somerville:Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset; Contact: 908-685-2481  [email protected]    

New Mexico

  • Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Cancer Center; Contact: 505-925-0366    [email protected]
  • Albuquerque: Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital; Contact: 505-559-6113    [email protected]
  • Rio Rancho: Presbyterian Rust Medical Center/Jorgensen Cancer Center; Contact: 505-559-6113    [email protected]   

New York

  • Auburn: Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York-Auburn; Contact: 315-472-7504
  • Brooklyn: Maimonides Medical Center; Contact: 718-765-2500 
  • Buffalo: Roswell Park Cancer Institute; Contact: 800-767-9355    [email protected]
  • Commack: Memorial Sloan Kettering Commack; Contact: 212-639-7592
  • Cooperstown: Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital; Contact    877-547-1750   [email protected]     
  • East Hills: Cancer Institute at Saint Francis Hospital; Contact: 773-702-9171    [email protected]  
  • East Syracuse: Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York-East Syracuse; Contact: 315-472-7504     
  • Elmira: Arnot Ogden Medical Center/Falck Cancer Center; Contact: 607-271-7000
  • Harrison: Memorial Sloan Kettering Westchester; Contact: 212-639-7592
  • New York: Mount Sinai West;  Contact: 212-824-7309    [email protected]     
  • New York: NYP/Columbia University Medical Center; Contact: 212-305-6361    [email protected]      
  • New York: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Contact    212-639-7592
  • New York: NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center; Contact: 212-746-1848 
  • Stony Brook: Stony Brook University Medical Center; Contact: 800-862-2215     
  • Syracuse: State University of New York Upstate Medical University; Contact    315-464-5476
  • Syracuse: Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York-Onondaga Hill; Contact    315-472-7504
  • Uniondale: Memorial Sloan Kettering Nassau; Contact: 212-639-7592       
  • White Plains: Dickstein Cancer Treatment Center; Contact: 914-849-7582    [email protected]  

North Carolina

  • Albemarle: Atrium Health Stanly/LCI-Albemarle; Contact: 800-804-9376
  • Asheboro: Randolph Hospital; Contact: 336-832-0836    [email protected]
  • Asheville: AdventHealth Infusion Center Asheville; Contact: 828-650-8037    [email protected]  
  • Burlington: Cone Health Cancer Center at Alamance Regional; Contact: 336-538-7725    [email protected] 
  • Charlotte: Carolinas Medical Center/Levine Cancer Institute; Contact: 800-804-9376
  • Charlotte: Atrium Health Pineville/LCI-Pineville; Contact: 980-442-2000
  • Charlotte: Levine Cancer Institute-SouthPark; Contact: 980-442-2000
  • Charlotte: Levine Cancer Institute-Ballantyne; Contact: 800-804-9376
  • Clinton: Southeastern Medical Oncology Center-Clinton; Contact: 919-587-9084    [email protected]
  • Clyde: AdventHealth Infusion Center Haywood; Contact: 828-650-8037  [email protected]
  • Concord: Atrium Health Cabarrus/LCI-Concord; Contact: 800-804-9376 
  • Durham: Duke University Medical Center; Contact    888-275-3853
  • Gastonia: Levine Cancer Institute-Gaston; Contact: 800-804-9376
  • Goldsboro: Southeastern Medical Oncology Center-Goldsboro; Contact: 919-587-9084    [email protected] 
  • Greensboro: Cone Health Cancer Center; Contact: 336-832-0821    [email protected]
  • Greenville: East Carolina University; Contact  252-744-1015 [email protected]  
  • Hendersonville: Margaret R Pardee Memorial Hospital; Contact: 828-696-4716    [email protected]
  • Hendersonville: AdventHealth Hendersonville; Contact: 828-650-8037  [email protected]
  • Jacksonville: Southeastern Medical Oncology Center-Jacksonville; Contact    910-587-9084    [email protected]
  • Kenansville: Vidant Oncology-Kenansville; Contact: 252-559-2201    [email protected]  
  • Kinston: Vidant Oncology-Kinston; Contact    252-559-2201    [email protected]  
  • Lincolnton: Atrium Health Lincoln/LCI-Lincolnton; Contact: 800-804-9376
  • Monroe: Atrium Health Union/LCI-Union; Contact:   980-442-2000
  • Shelby: Atrium Health Cleveland/LCI-Cleveland; Contact: 800-804-9376 
  • Washington: Marion L Shepard Cancer Center at Vidant Beaufort Hospital                 

North Dakota

  • Bismark: Sanford Bismarck Medical Center; Contact: 701-323-5760    [email protected]
  • Fargo:  Sanford Broadway Medical Center; Contact: 701-323-5760      
  • Fargo:  Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center; Contact    701-234-6161
  • Minot: Trinity Cancer Care Center; Contact: 800-862-0005


  • Beavercreek: Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center; Contact:  937-528-2900    [email protected]
  • Belpre:  Strecker Cancer Center-Belpre; Contact: 800-523-3977    [email protected]   
  • Canton: Mercy Medical Center; Contact: 888-293-4673     
  • Canton: Aultman Health Foundation; Contact: 330-363-7274           
  • Centerville: Miami Valley Hospital South; Contact: 937-528-2900    [email protected]  
  • Cincinnati: Good Samaritan Hospital – Cincinnati; Contact: 308-398-6518    [email protected]
  • Cleveland: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center/Fairview Hospital; Contact    866-223-8100    [email protected]  
  • Columbus: Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center; Contact:  800-293-5066    [email protected]  
  • Columbus: Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates; Contact: 614-488-2118    [email protected]  
  • Columbus:  Grant Medical Center; Contact    614-566-4475    [email protected]
  • Columbus:   The Mark H Zangmeister Center ; Contact: 614-488-2118    [email protected]  
  • Columbus: Doctors Hospital; Contact: 614-566-3275    [email protected]  
  • Dayton: Dayton Physician-Miami Valley Hospital North; Contact:  937-528-2900    [email protected]  
  • Delaware: Delaware Health Center-Grady Cancer Center; Contact: 740-615-0227    [email protected]  
  • Mansfield: OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital; Contact    419-526-8018    [email protected]  
  • Mansfield: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center Mansfield; Contact: 866-223-8100    [email protected]
  • Marietta:  Marietta Memorial Hospital; Contact    800-523-3977    [email protected]  
  • Marion: OhioHealth Marion General Hospital; Contact: 614-488-2118    [email protected]  
  • Mayfield Heights: Hillcrest Hospital Cancer Center; Contact    866-223-8100    [email protected]
  • Newark: Licking Memorial Hospital; Contact: 740-348-4000    [email protected]  
  • Portsmouth: Southern Ohio Medical Center; Contact: 614-488-2118    [email protected]  
  • Sandusky: North Coast Cancer Care; Contact: 866-223-8100    [email protected] 
  • Strongsville:  Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center Strongsville; Contact: 866-223-8100    [email protected]  
  • Syvania: ProMedica Flower Hospital; Contact:  419-824-1842     
  • Toledo: Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers-Toledo; Contact: 800-444-3561     
  • Warrensville Heights: South Pointe Hospital; Contact: 866-223-8100 [email protected]  
  • Wooster: Cleveland Clinic Wooster Family Health and Surgery Center; Contact: 866-223-8100 [email protected]
  • Youngstown: Saint Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital; Contact: 937-528-2900    [email protected] 
  • Zanesville: Genesis Healthcare System Cancer Care Center; Contact: 740-454-5232  [email protected]      


  • Lawton: Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma Research; Contact: 877-231-4440          
  • Oklahoma City: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Contact: 405-271-8777    [email protected]  
  • Oklahoma City: Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City; Contact: 405-752-3402     
  • Tulsa: Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute-Tulsa; Contact: 918-505-3200     


  • Clackamas: Providence Cancer Institute Clackamas Clinic; Contact: 503-215-2614    [email protected]  
  • Newberg: Providence Newberg Medical Center; Contact: 503-215-2614    [email protected]    
  • Ontario: Saint Alphonsus Medical Center-Ontario; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]  
  • Portland: Providence Portland Medical Center; Contact: 503-215-2614    [email protected]        
  • Portland: Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center; Contact: 503-215-2614    [email protected]  


  • Allentown: Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest; Contact: 734-712-3671    [email protected]      
  • BethlehemSaint Luke's University Hospital-Bethlehem; Contact: 484-503-4151   
  • Bethlehem: Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg; Contact:734-712-3671    [email protected]    
  • Bryn Mawr: Bryn Mawr Hospital; Contact: 484-476-2649    [email protected]
  • Chambersburg: Chambersburg Hospital: Contact    773-702-9171    [email protected]  
  • Danville: Geisinger Medical Center; Contact: 570-271-5251    [email protected]      
  • Ephrata: Ephrata Cancer Center; Contact: 717-721-4840     
  • Gettysburg: Adams Cancer Center; Contact: 877-441-7957     
  • Harrisburg: UPMC Pinnacle Cancer Center/Community Osteopathic Campus; Contact: 717-724-6765    [email protected]
  • Hazleton: Geisinger Medical Center-Cancer Center Hazleton; Contact : 570-459-2901    [email protected]
  • Jefferson Hills:Jefferson Hospital; Contact: 412-359-3043    [email protected]   
  • Lebanon: Sechler Family Cancer Center; Contact: 717-741-8303    [email protected]  
  • Lewisburg: Geisinger Medical Oncology-Lewisburg; Contact: 570-374-8555    [email protected]
  • Media: Riddle Memorial Hospital; Contact: 484-476-2649    [email protected]
  • Monroeville: Forbes Hospital; Contact: 412-858-7746     
  • Natrona Heights: Allegheny Valley Hospital; Contact: 724-226-7380     
  • Paoli: Paoli Memorial Hospital: Contact    484-476-2649    [email protected]  
  • Philadelphia: Temple University Hospital; Contact :  215-728-2983     
  • Pittsburgh: Allegheny General Hospital; Contact : 877-284-2000       
  • Pittsburgh: West Penn Hospital; Contact: 412-578-5000          
  • Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI); Contact: 412-647-8073      
  • Pottsville: Geisinger Cancer Services-Pottsville; Contact: 800-275-6401    [email protected]  
  • Sayre: Guthrie Medical Group PC-Robert Packer Hospital; Contact:  800-836-0388     
  • Scranton: Community Medical Center; Contact : 570-703-4768    [email protected] 
  • West Reading: Reading Hospital; Contact: 610-988-9323     
  • Wilkes-Barre: Geisinger Wyoming Valley/Henry Cancer Center; Contact: 570-271-5251    [email protected]   
  • Willow Grove: Abington Memorial Hospital-Asplundh Cancer Pavilion; Contact: 215-481-2402
  • Wynnewood: Lankenau Medical Center; Contact: 484-476-2649    [email protected]
  • York: WellSpan Health-York Cancer Center; Contact    877-441-7957        

Rhode Island

  • Providence: Rhode Island Hospital; Contact: 401-444-1488     

South Carolina

  • Anderson: AnMed Health Cancer Center; Contact: 864-512-4651    [email protected]
  • Boiling Springs: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Spartanburg; Contact : 864-522-2066    [email protected] 
  • Easley: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Easley; Contact: 864-522-2066    [email protected]  
  • Greenville: Saint Francis Hospital; Contact: 864-603-6213    [email protected]  
  • Greenville: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Butternut; Contact : 864-522-2066    [email protected]  
  • Greenville: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Faris; Contact    864-522-2066    [email protected]          
  • Greer: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Greer; Contact:  864-522-2066    [email protected]  
  • Rock Hill: Levine Cancer Institute-Rock Hill; Contact:  800-804-9376         
  • Seneca: Prisma Health Cancer Institute - Seneca; Contact : 864-522-2066    [email protected]  
  • Spartanburg: Spartanburg Medical Center      

South Dakota

  • Rapid City: Rapid City Regional Hospital; Contact: 605-716-3982    [email protected]  
  • Sioux Falls: Sanford Cancer Center Oncology Clinic; Contact: 605-312-3320    [email protected]  
  • Sioux Falls: Avera Cancer Institute; Contact: 605-322-3095    [email protected]  
  • Sioux Falls: Sanford USD Medical Center - Sioux Falls; Contact: 605-312-3320    [email protected]       


  • Kingsport: Regional Cancer Center at Indian Path Community Hospital; Contact: 423-578-8538    [email protected]  
  • Knoxville: Thompson Cancer Survival Center; Contact: 865-331-1812          
  • Lenoir City: Thompson Oncology Group-Lenoir City; Contact: 865-331-1812     
  • Oak Ridge: Thompson Oncology Group-Oak Ridge; Contact: 865-331-1812     


The Don and Sybil Harrington Cancer Center

Amarillo, Texas, 79106

Contact: Site Public Contact    806-212-1985    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Anita Ravipati  


Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas          

Austin, Texas, 78701

Contact: Site Public Contact    512-324-7991     

Principal Investigator: Om N. Pandey 


MD Anderson in The Woodlands      

Conroe, Texas, 77384

Contact: Site Public Contact    866-632-6789    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: George J. Chang


Parkland Memorial Hospital 

Dallas, Texas, 75235

Contact: Site Public Contact    214-590-5582    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Syed M. Kazmi        


UT Southwestern/Simmons Cancer Center-Dallas   

Dallas, Texas, 75390

Contact: Site Public Contact    214-648-7097    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Syed M. Kazmi       


M D Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas, 77030

Contact: Site Public Contact    877-632-6789    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: George J. Chang  


MD Anderson West Houston

Houston, Texas, 77079

Contact: Site Public Contact    877-632-6789    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: George J. Chang        


MD Anderson League City     

League City, Texas, 77573

Contact: Site Public Contact    877-632-6789    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: George J. Chang


Scott and White Healthcare Round Rock       Active, not recruiting

Round Rock, Texas, 78665


MD Anderson in Sugar Land  

Sugar Land, Texas, 77478

Contact: Site Public Contact    877-632-6789    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: George J. Chang      


Scott and White Memorial Hospital  Active, not recruiting

Temple, Texas, 76508



American Fork Hospital / Huntsman Intermountain Cancer Center

American Fork, Utah, 84003

Contact: Site Public Contact    801-855-4100    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Ramya Thota      


Sandra L Maxwell Cancer Center      

Cedar City, Utah, 84720

Contact: Site Public Contact    435-868-5680    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Ramya Thota     


Farmington Health Center    

Farmington, Utah, 84025

Contact: Site Public Contact    888-424-2100    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Glynn W. Gilcrease     


Logan Regional Hospital        

Logan, Utah, 84321

Contact: Site Public Contact    435-716-6400    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Ramya Thota   


Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Provo, Utah, 84604

Contact: Site Public Contact    801-357-7965    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Ramya Thota    


Dixie Medical Center Regional Cancer Center          

Saint George, Utah, 84770

Contact: Site Public Contact    435-688-4167    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Ramya Thota        


Huntsman Cancer Institute/University of Utah        

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112

Contact: Site Public Contact    888-424-2100    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Glynn W. Gilcrease  



Wellmont Medical Associates-Bristol

Bristol, Virginia, 24201

Contact: Site Public Contact    423-578-8538    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Asheesh Shipstone 


University of Virginia Cancer Center 

Charlottesville, Virginia, 22908

Contact: Site Public Contact    434-243-6303    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Tri M. Le 


Centra Lynchburg Hematology-Oncology Clinic Inc  

Lynchburg, Virginia, 24501

Contact: Site Public Contact    434-200-5925    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin       


Sovah Health Martinsville     

Martinsville, Virginia, 24115

Contact: Site Public Contact    276-666-7489    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Mohammed Saad    


Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center     

Mechanicsville, Virginia, 23116

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-893-8611    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: William J. Irvin  


Bon Secours Saint Francis Medical Center    

Midlothian, Virginia, 23114

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-893-8611    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: William J. Irvin     


Southwest VA Regional Cancer Center         

Norton, Virginia, 24273

Contact: Site Public Contact    423-578-8538    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Asheesh Shipstone   


Bon Secours Saint Mary's Hospital   

Richmond, Virginia, 23226

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-893-8611    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: William J. Irvin     


Virginia Cancer Institute       

Richmond, Virginia, 23230

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-287-3000    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin  


VCU Massey Cancer Center at Stony Point   

Richmond, Virginia, 23235

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-628-1939    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin      


Virginia Commonwealth University/Massey Cancer Center

Richmond, Virginia, 23298

Contact: Site Public Contact    804-628-1914    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin       


VCU Community Memorial Health Center   

South Hill, Virginia, 23970

Contact: Site Public Contact    434-774-2442    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin       


Shenandoah Oncology PC     

Winchester, Virginia, 22601

Contact: Site Public Contact    540-662-1108    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Khalid Matin        



Harrison HealthPartners Hematology and Oncology-Bremerton    

Bremerton, Washington, 98310

Contact: Site Public Contact    308-398-6518    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Richard L. Deming   


Jefferson Healthcare 

Port Townsend, Washington, 98368

Contact: Site Public Contact    360-344-3091     

Principal Investigator: Nicholas DiBella


Virginia Mason Medical Center         

Seattle, Washington, 98101

Contact: Site Public Contact    206-342-6954    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Hagen F. Kennecke


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance 

Seattle, Washington, 98109

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-804-8824     

Principal Investigator: Stacey A. Cohen       


Kaiser Permanente Washington        Active, not recruiting

Seattle, Washington, 98112


Swedish Medical Center-First Hill     

Seattle, Washington, 98122-4307

Contact: Site Public Contact    206-215-3086    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Alison K. Conlin      


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at Northwest Hospital

Seattle, Washington, 98133

Contact: Site Public Contact    206-606-5800     

Principal Investigator: Stacey A. Cohen     


West Virginia

United Hospital Center         

Bridgeport, West Virginia, 26330

Contact: Site Public Contact    304-293-7374    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Shalu Pahuja    


West Virginia University Charleston Division

Charleston, West Virginia, 25304

Contact: Site Public Contact    304-388-9944     

Principal Investigator: Steven J. Jubelirer        


Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center      

Huntington, West Virginia, 25701

Contact: Site Public Contact    304-399-6617     

Principal Investigator: Maria R. Tria Tirona       



Langlade Hospital and Cancer Center

Antigo, Wisconsin, 54409

Contact: Site Public Contact    715-623-9869    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Harish G. Ahuja        


ThedaCare Regional Cancer Center  

Appleton, Wisconsin, 54911

Contact: Site Public Contact    920-364-3605    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Xin Yao      


Duluth Clinic Ashland

Ashland, Wisconsin, 54806

Contact: Site Public Contact    218-786-3308    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Bret E. Friday      


Ascension Southeast Wisconsin Hospital - Elmbrook Campus         

Brookfield, Wisconsin, 53045

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-635-6420    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Francis J. Cuevas   


Aurora Cancer Care-Southern Lakes VLCC    

Burlington, Wisconsin, 53105

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel  


Marshfield Medical Center-EC Cancer Center          

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-782-8581    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Isaac K. Yeboah      


Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire Clinic

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701

Contact: Site Public Contact    855-776-0015     

Principal Investigator: Frank A. Sinicrope


Aurora Health Center-Fond du Lac   

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, 54937

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel    


Ascension Saint Francis - Reiman Cancer Center      

Franklin, Wisconsin, 53132

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-635-6420    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Francis J. Cuevas   


Aurora Health Care Germantown Health Center     

Germantown, Wisconsin, 53022

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel   


Aurora Cancer Care-Grafton 

Grafton, Wisconsin, 53024

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel     


Saint Vincent Hospital Cancer Center Green Bay      

Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54301

Contact: Site Public Contact    920-433-8889    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Anthony J. Jaslowski  


Saint Vincent Hospital Cancer Center at Saint Mary's          

Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54303

Contact: Site Public Contact    920-433-8889    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Anthony J. Jaslowski     


Aurora BayCare Medical Center        

Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54311

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel   


Aurora Cancer Care-Kenosha South 

Kenosha, Wisconsin, 53142

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel     


Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

La Crosse, Wisconsin, 54601

Contact: Site Public Contact    608-775-2385    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Michael O. Ojelabi        


Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare  

La Crosse, Wisconsin, 54601

Contact: Site Public Contact    855-776-0015     

Principal Investigator: Frank A. Sinicrope  


Aurora Bay Area Medical Group-Marinette 

Marinette, Wisconsin, 54143

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel       


Marshfield Medical Center-Marshfield        

Marshfield, Wisconsin, 54449

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-782-8581    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Isaac K. Yeboah       


Aspirus Medford Hospital     

Medford, Wisconsin, 54451

Contact: Site Public Contact    715-847-2353    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Harish G. Ahuja    


Aurora Cancer Care-Milwaukee        

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53209

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel     


Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center  

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53215

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel    


Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53226

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-805-3666     

Principal Investigator: James P. Thomas  


Aurora Sinai Medical Center 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel   


Marshfield Clinic-Minocqua Center  

Minocqua, Wisconsin, 54548

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-782-8581    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Isaac K. Yeboah  


ProHealth D N Greenwald Center     

Mukwonago, Wisconsin, 53149

Contact: Site Public Contact       [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Timothy R. Wassenaar  


Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin

New Richmond, Wisconsin, 54017

Contact: Site Public Contact    952-993-1517    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Daniel M. Anderson      


ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 53066

Contact: Site Public Contact    262-928-7878     

Principal Investigator: Timothy R. Wassenaar 


Saint Vincent Hospital Cancer Center at Oconto Falls          

Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, 54154

Contact: Site Public Contact    920-433-8889    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Anthony J. Jaslowski     


Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic - Oshkosh       

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 54904

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel 


Ascension All Saints Hospital

Racine, Wisconsin, 53405

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-635-6420    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Francis J. Cuevas


Aurora Cancer Care-Racine   

Racine, Wisconsin, 53406

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel    


Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic-Sheboygan    

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 53081

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel      


Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center         

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 54482

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-782-8581    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Isaac K. Yeboah    


Saint Vincent Hospital Cancer Center at Sturgeon Bay         

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, 54235-1495

Contact: Site Public Contact    920-433-8889    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Anthony J. Jaslowski   


Aurora Medical Center in Summit    

Summit, Wisconsin, 53066

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel    


Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic-Two Rivers     

Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 54241

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel        


ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital     

Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53188

Contact: Site Public Contact    262-928-7632      

Principal Investigator: Timothy R. Wassenaar


UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care

Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53188

Contact: Site Public Contact    262-928-5539    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Timothy R. Wassenaar    


Aspirus Regional Cancer Center        

Wausau, Wisconsin, 54401

Contact: Site Public Contact    877-405-6866     

Principal Investigator: Harish G. Ahuja      


Ascension Medical Group Southeast Wisconsin - Mayfair Road      

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, 53226

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-635-6420    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Francis J. Cuevas      


Aurora Cancer Care-Milwaukee West           

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, 53226

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel    


Aurora West Allis Medical Center     

West Allis, Wisconsin, 53227

Contact: Site Public Contact    414-302-2304    [email protected]  

Principal Investigator: Adam P. Siegel     


Marshfield Clinic - Weston Center    

Weston, Wisconsin, 54476

Contact: Site Public Contact    800-782-8581    [email protected]  


Aspirus UW Cancer Center    

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, 54494

Contact: Site Public Contact    715-422-7718     



This Study is Open To:

Men or women age 18 years or older can participate if they:  

  • Have III colon cancer; tumors must originate in the colon
  • Are patients having a in an MMR gene (, , , , );
  • Have deficient (d) mismatch repair ()
  • Show no evidence of spread to or disease
  • Have had no prior medical therapy (chemotherapy, , biologic or ) or radiation therapy for the current colon cancer except for one cycle of mFOLFOX6
  • Do not have active known autoimmune disease, including colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, panhypopituitarism, adrenal insufficiency
  • Do not have active hepatitis B or C
This Study is Not Open To:

Patients will be excluded if they:  

  • Have active pulmonary disease with hypoxia (low oxygen levels)
  • Are not or
  • Women who are pregnant