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How to become a research advocate

FORCE trains people who are new to science to use their personal experiences to help guide hereditary cancer research.

FORCE Research Advocate Training (FRAT)

The FRAT Program is a basic, self-paced, online educational course aimed at preparing people to become engaged in research advocacy on behalf of the hereditary cancer community. The program consists of a series of expert-led webinars on topics including basic cancer, breast and ovarian cancer, genetics, statistics, clinical trials and research, patient protection, ethics, and government regulatory processes.

Please complete this application if you are interested in participating in the FRAT program. If you already have research knowledge or experience and want to put it to good use or have questions about the FRAT Program, please contact Diane Rose at [email protected].

Get Involved!

"Patient participation creates a motivating synergy for all stakeholders and can accelerate research advances and relieve the frustration patients feel when they are just bystanders in a process, which is critically important to them." Robin Karlin

“Research saves lives. Every advancement in treatment, prevention or care has come from research.” Sue Friedman, FORCE Executive Director and breast cancer survivor 

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