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Facebook and Instagram provide an easy way to set up a fundraiser for FORCE. 


Click the name of the social media platform below to learn how to set up a fundraiser for FORCE on:


The FAQ's below are provided to answer questions regarding fundraising for FORCE via social media. You can always email us at [email protected] with any additional questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising for FORCE via Facebook or Instagram


I am conducting this fundraiser on Facebook, but I would like the total of any dollars raised from my Facebook Fundraiser added to my other FORCE fundraising efforts for FORCE. How does that happen?
We are more than happy to add the total raised from a Facebook Fundraiser to your fundraising totals for any personal fundraising page that you may have (such as runDisney, For our Future, or a named fund you have previously set up with FORCE for example) however you must make us aware of that request as there is no connection from Facebook to our database., It would be a manual effort and we are happy to do so, but we will not know of the connection unless you let us know. Please email [email protected] to have this accomplished.

How does FORCE receive the donations from Facebook?
FORCE receives a bi-monthly disbursement in a “lump sum” of all monies donated to FORCE through a Facebook fundraiser or the “Donate” button on our main Facebook page. Facebook partners with Pal Giving Fund to give back to FORCE.

Are there fees associated with donations made on Facebook?
Facebook no longer covers fees associated with donations. Donors will have the option to increase their donation to cover the fees or they will be taken from the donaiton.

How does FORCE know who donates via Facebook, and is it recorded?
FORCE can access a report that lists the donor’s name, the gift amount, and the donor’s email (if provided) for all donations received. That information will be entered into our database for future reference.

How long does it take for a donation made via Facebook to be entered into the FORCE database?
Due to the delay in Facebook reporting and the manual process involved in entering the data, it could take up to six weeks for gifts made to FORCE via Facebook to be entered into our database.

Will those who donate to Facebook receive an acknowledgement (a receipt) for their gift?
Acknowledgments for all gifts made via Facebook will be acknowledged/receipted from/by Facebook.

Will my efforts of fundraising be acknowledged by FORCE?
FORCE has set up a manual system to record and acknowledge all fundraising efforts. We appreciate the time and work involved in this and although we must ask your understanding in the timing involved, we will make every effort to thank each one of our Facebook fundraisers as what they do is greatly and sincerely appreciated.

FORCE deeply appreciates all efforts of fundraising completed on our behalf. We could not provide the programs and services we offer without your kind support.

Ways to Fundraise

Join Our Annual Campaign

Join Our Annual Campaign

Set up a personal fundraising page and raise funds for FORCE

Fundraise with Facebook

Fundraise with Facebook & Instagram

Engage your network with easy fundraising options via your existing Facebook & Instagram feeds

Create Your Own TeamFORCE Event

Create Your Own TeamFORCE Event

Use an existing, or set up your own event to fundraise for FORCE

Walk/Run with FORCE

Run with FORCE

Raise funds and participate in events like runDisney, the NYC Marathon, or our virtual walk/run

Set up a Tribute

Set up a Tribute

Set up a fundraising page in honor or memory of a loved one

Download Our Toolkit

Download Our Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to options and tips on Fundraising for FORCE