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Voices of FORCE: Knowledge IS Power

March 16, 2012

Voices of FORCE: Knowledge IS Power

Guest blogger and Phoenix Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Edwards shares her story and thoughts on why she feels supporting FORCE is so important.

I grew up watching my grandmother, two aunts and mother battle breast cancer, each of them having it more than once.  As a young adult, I knew that I needed to be the generation that started to change things.  I wanted
a different life for my future and that of my children.  I give thanks to FORCE for helping me make that change.

When I had my PBM in October of 2008, I was the first of my family, first of my friends and first of both my general and plastic surgeons' patients to prophylactically remove my breasts.  I had to explain what I was doing and why many times.  The universal knowledge wasn’t quite there yet but as I would learn later, I was a part of a revolution that changed the way we confront hereditary cancer risk.

Now in 2012, I am astounded by the awareness and campaigning efforts for HBOC.  FORCE and those that support it have come so far in making the BRCA mutation a household name.  Because we have made information so readily available to those around the world, I believe we are saving lives every day: both from the possibility of disease but also from the fear that plagues all of us at high risk.  With as much as we have accomplished thus far, we still have work to do.

We need more research that is specific to our hereditary risks.  FORCE knows how vitally important this is and is working hard at promoting the hereditary cancer research.  The knowledge I was provided by FORCE in 2008, saved my life.  Let’s continue to give this powerful gift to many more!

Visit the FORCE website to learn more about and support FORCE.

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March 16, 2012

Julie of says:
Thank you for being one of the firsts. I'm 6 weeks out of surgery and it has really been so simple to find surgeons who understand and have people around me be so supportive. Things really have changed so much in the past few years!


March 16, 2012

cococadeaux says:
Beautifully put, Lisa. I applaud your courage and your energy. You're one of the trailblazers and I thank you on behalf of your BRCA+ sisters everywhere. FORCE has been a lifesaver for me, too, even though I have not been very involved (more of a lurker, really) until now. But you have motivated me to get involved and I'm hoping to join up with the FORCE group ihere in Boston once I have some time and energy after I move in May. I, too, had a PBM (2011) as well as a BSO (2008) and was so blessed to have been guided by my amazing doctor and her team at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute's Breast Oncology/Cancer Risk & Prevention in the department of Medical Oncology. I, too, n=knew I had to make a bold move after watching breast and ovarain cancer ravage my mother and aunts and cousins. My mother is gone now, taken by metastatic breast cancer in 2003 at the very young age of 64. She would have wanted me to take these steps to make every effort to save my own lifewould and I think she would be proud of me. I dedicate my journey to her. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Lisa!


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