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National Patient Advocacy Organizations Band Together for #InclusionPledge to Ensure Equity For Black Women, June 11, 2020, Benzinga

Genetic Testing and Life Insurance, June 7, 2020, Radio Health Journal

Lisa Schlager: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, May 26, 2020, Beyond the Pink Ribbon

Genetic, Genomic or Biomarket Testing in Cancer - What is the Difference? May 2020, Conquer

Prioritizing Family Health History, April 15, 2020, CURE

Genetic Testing: Are Over the Counter Options Reliable, April 9, 2020, CURE

For Those with Predispositions to Cancer, COVID-19 Adds ‘A Second Helping of Stress,’ April 3, 2020, CURE

What the Coronavirus Outbreak Means for People with Weakened Immune Systems, March 31, 2020, NPR

DNA Tests Grow More Vital in Hereditary Breast Cancer Treatments. They Also Raise Unanswerable Questions, March 15, 2020, The Washington Post

Utilizing the Patient Perspective as a Patient Advocate, March 13, 2020, CURE

Genetic Mutations in Men, February 21, 2020, CURE

Talking About Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing, February 19, 2020, CURE

Understanding Prevention For Hereditary Cancer, February 10, 2020, CURE

Is the New Medicare NGS Payment Policy Really a Win for Patients? February 5, 2020, LabPulse

BRCA: Who Should Be Tested? February 4, 2020, Cancer Today

CMS Agrees to Cover NGS for Medicare Patients with Breast, Ovarian, Other Cancers, January 27, 2020, AJMC

How Genetic Testing Saved One Woman’s Life, December 6, 2019, CURE Today

Relentless Female CEO Creates a Company That’s Solving Your Number One Hair Problem, November 13, 2019, FOX Business

Testing for Honesty, October 23, 2019, CURE Today

Health & Wellness: Knowing Your Risks, October 9, 2019, Anchorage Press

Protect Yourself and Your Patients From Fraud in Genetic Testing, October 4, 2019, Oncology Nursing News

Knowing Your Risk Could Save Your Life, September 25, 2019, Tampa Bay Newspapers

The Impact of Germline Testing for Hereditary Cancer Postdiagnosis, August 15, 2019, AJMC

BRCA1 Mutation Shapes Beineke’s Future, August 13, 2019, UAFS News

For Wasserman Schultz and Brooks, Reauthorizing Breast Cancer Purely Bipartisan, News Talk Florida, August 1, 2019

Sue Friedman Outlines Misconceptions Regarding Genetic Testing in Cancer, July 24, 2019, AJMC

What Patients Should Know About Genetic Testing and Hereditary Cancer Risk, July 15, 2019, CURE

This Leader’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Transformed Her Agency’s Culture, July 7, 2019, Forbes

Sue Friedman on Targeted Therapies and Knowing Family History of Cancer, June 13, 2019, American Journal of Managed Care

16 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Breast Cancer Genetic Testing, June 13, 2019, Reader’s DigestThis Leader’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Transformed Her Agency’s Culture, July 7, 2019, Forbes‘Out of the Blue’ Diagnosis Linked to a Family History of Cancer Now Empowers Others, June 12, 2019, CURE

Peeking at Your Genes Can Raise Red Flags for Life Insurers, May 15, 2019, Bloomberg Law

Anti-vaccine Hype is a Threat to People With Cancer, May 13, 2019, CURE

How Do You Know What Treatment is Right For You or Your Patients, May 1, 2019, AAMC News

Managing the Emotional Aspects of Breast Reconstruction, April 24, 2019, Health News Digest

National Support Group With Berks Chapter Serves Women and Families Affected by Hereditary Cancers, April 23, 2019, Reading Eagle

CURE Media Group Adds Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered to Its Strategic Alliance Partnership Program, March 28, 2019, Finger Lakes Times

CMS to Revisit National Coverage Determination on NGS Tumor Testing, March 27, 2019, GenomeWeb

Genetic Discussion in Oncology Nursing, March 13, 2019, Oncology Nursing News

Many Families With High Breast Cancer Risk Await a Genetic Explanation, March 11, 2019, Discover Magazine

To Know or Not to Know? Genetic Testing Is Beneficial in Breast Cancer, March 9, 2019, Oncology Nursing News

Read Between the Lines, February 15, 2019, CURE Today

At-Home Genetic Testing: Dispelling Fact vs Fiction, February 14, 2019, CURE Today

Unraveling Breast Cancer Risk, February 14, 2019, Knowable Magazine

Labs, Advocacy Groups Push Back on Medicare Policy Shift on NGS Testing for Hereditary Cancer Risk, January 22, 2019, Genome Web

Talking to My Son About Hereditary Cancer, January 22, 2019, Proactive Genes

Alert: Cancer Genetic Testing Should Be Performed in the Health Care Setting, January 22, 2019, CURE Today

Born With the Breast Cancer Gene, two Huntington Woods Women Share Survivor Stories, October 25, 2018, The Jewish News

Breast Cancer Survivor Works to Let Others Know of Hereditary Risk, October 24, 2018, Fox 2 Detroit

It Wasn’t a Question of if I Got Breast Cancer, But When”: Kansas Woman Undergoes Double Mastectomy, October 24, 2018, KSN Kansas

Managing Lymphedema: Education is the Best Treatment, October 21, CURE Today

Using Humor to Heal, October 21, CURE Today

How to Have the Sex Talk During and After Cancer, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

It’s All in the Family: Discussing Cancer Risk with Extended Family Members, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

Movement, Moderation and Mindfulness: Being Proactive About Diet and Exercise, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

Clinical Trial Participation is Key for Hereditary Cancer Research Advancement, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

Men with Genetic Mutation: What You Need to Know, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

One Previvor’s Journey With a BRCA Mutation, October 21, 2018, CURE Today

Lenexa Woman Removes Breasts to Prevent Cancer, October 12, 2018, KSHB TV

Buscan Concientizar Sobre el Cancer De Mama, October 10, 2018, Telemundo

How to Know if You Should Get BRCA Testing, October 2, 2018, InStyle

Metro Detroit Moms Share Message For National Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Week, October 1, 2018, ABC News

Addressing the Needs of Previvors Struggling to Access Screening and Recommended Interventions, September 2018, The Oncology Nurse

Cancer Doesn’t Run in My Family … Or Does It?, September 11, 2018, Proactive Genes

Capitol Music Group Ups Jacqueline Saturn to President of Caroline, September 4, 2018, Variety

I Did a Random DNA Test to Learn About My Ancestry. Then I Found Out I Was BRCA Positive, July 31, 2018, Bustle

When Cancer Clusters, Create a Medical Family Tree, July 28, 2018, CURE Magazine

Novartis Announces Funding For Patient Advocacy Initiatives to Support and Empower Metastatic Breast Cancer Community, June 27, 2018, BioSpace

23andMe’s Test for a Breast Cancer Gene Can Reveal Life-Changing Information, But Can Also Lead Down and Expensive and Complicated Path, June 24, 2018, CNBC

Simple, Evidence-Based Decision Aid Can Help Previvors and Their Nurses Weigh Prevention Options, May 19, 2018, Oncology Nursing News

Not Quite Healthy, Not Quite Sick, Women at Risk of Cancer Can ‘Fall Through the Medical Cracks,’ April 8, 2018, LA Times

FDA Approves Rubraca for Ovarian Cancer Maintenance Treatment, April 6, 2018, Oncology Nursing News

FDA Approves Rubraca for Maintenance Ovarian Cancer Treatment, April 6, 2018, CURE Magazine

Local Doctor, Patient Discourage Use of Newly-Approved 23andMe Cancer Risk Test, April 2, 2018, Channel 3000

Genetic Testing: Do You Really Want to Know? March 27, 2018, WebMD

Four Individuals Named Ovarian Cancer Heroes at Inaugural Event, March 24, 2018, CURE Magazine

Right-To-Try Bill Moves Forward, March 22, 2018, Cure Today

CURE Media Group Announces the 2018 Ovarian Cancer Heroes, March 23, 2018, Business Wire

Behind the Hype: Navigating Cancer News, CURE Magazine, March 19, 2018

Genetic Testing Results Could Prevent Users From Getting Insurance, February 9, 2018, CBS News New York

Jammin For Cancer Prevention, February 7, 2018, Daily North Shore

Important Things You Might Not Know About Breast Cancer, February 6, 2018, Buzz Reporters

Minnetonka Woman Shares Her Experience With Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment, February 2018, Lake Minnetonka Magazine

Coping With Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Results, January 19, 2018, CURE Today

Fairbanksan Jeff Cook Continues His Fight Against Cancer, January 15, 2018, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Third Indication Approved to Receive Olaparib, January 12, 2018, Rare Disease Report

LYNPARZA ® (Olaparib) Approved by US FDA in Germline BRCA-Mutated Metastatic Breast Cancer, January 12, 2018, AstraZeneca

Collaborative Global Study Casts New Light on Breast Cancer’s Genetic Roots; Will Soon Provide Anatomic Pathologists and Clinical Laboratories with New Tools to Diagnose and Treat Cancer, January 5, 2018, Dark Daily

Humor is no Joke, December 15, 2017, Cure Today

Group Supports Those With Hereditary Cancer, December 11, 2017, Union Bulletin

These 14 Women Are Grateful For Their BRCA Diagnosis – Here’s Why, November 13, 2017, Reader’s Digest

“I Want to Change How the Healthcare System Views Previvors,” Jenny Wickoff, October 31, 2017, Huffington Post

3 Lessons From An Alarming Case of Mistaken Cancer Gene Test Results and Surgery, October 29, 2017, Forbes

Partner Spotlight: FORCE, October 20, 2017, CDC’s Cancer Prevention Works

I ABSOLUTELY FEEL FORTUNATE – Summerville Woman Took Proactive Steps After Breast Cancer Test, October 18, 2017, The Summerville Journal Scene

Genetic Counselors Struggle with Anthem Prior Authorization Program, Increasing Denials, October 16, 2017, Genome Web

Like Angelina Jolie, Jupiter Mom had Surgeries to Avoid Deadly Cancer, October 17, 2017, Palm Beach Post

Breast Reconstruction Surgeon Dr. Constance M. Chen Launches a Decorate-a-Bra Campaign for Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day, October 15, 2017, Life Pulse Health

WNY Group Confronts Cancer Fears That Hang Over Families, October 13, 2017, Buffalo News

Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Brave Hard Choices, October 13, 2017, Chelsea Now

Matching Patients to Clinical Trials for People Affected by Hereditary Cancers, October 10, 2017, PCORnet

What to do if Hereditary Cancer Runs in Your Family? October 9, 2017, WUSA9 Great Day Washington

How a Genetic Mutation Made the Cancer Survivor Her Own Best Advocate, October 2, 2017, Philadelphia Inquirer

These Moms Have the BRCA Gene Mutation. Here’s How It Affects Their Parenting, September 29, 2017, The Washington Post

Genetic Testing for Cancer: Beyond BRCA, September 27, 2017, Huffington Post

Reluctance to Learn Genetic Risk for Cancer Grows With Affordable Care Act Repeal Fears, September 25, 2017, GenomeWeb

Comedian Caitlin Brodnick Shares Cancer Prevention Story in New Memoir, September 12, 2017, AM New York

Kathy Bates Reflects on Living Life With Lymphedema, July 2017, WebMD

New Law Could Help Texas Women Afford 3-D Mammograms, July 1, 2017, Dallas News

Safe Under The ACA, Patients With Preexisting Conditions Now Fear Bias, June 29, 2017, Kaiser Health News

Consider Timing and Presentation When Telling Kids About Familial Predisposition to Cancer, June 11, 2017, CURE Today

Pairing PARP Inhibitors With Other Drug Types the Next Frontier for BRCA-Mutated Ovarian Cancers, June 11, 2017, CURE Today

Understanding Mastectomy and Reconstruction Options Can Ease Difficult Decisions, June 10, 2017, CURE Today

Less Invasive Techniques Gaining Traction in Ovarian Cancer Prevention, June 10, 2017, CURE Today

Being a FORCE in Hereditary Cancers for 18 Years: An Interview with Executive Director Sue Friedman, June 9, 2017, CURE Today

Ethical Dilemmas Arise from Genetic Testing for Cancer, May 31, 2017, CURE Today

All in the Family: Discussing Screenings and Preventative Surgery for Inherited Cancers, May 26, 2017, CURE Today

Cancer Drug Trial Volunteer Will Never Know Which Treatment She Got, May 6, 2017, The Journal News

Problems for Previvors, May 3, 2017, TMC News

Ending a Dry Spell of Years Without Treatment for Ovarian Cancer, April 26, 2017, Cure Magazine

Preventing Hereditary Cancer With FORCE, April 19, 2017, WUSA9 Great Day Washington

Life-Saving Tips to Prevent Cancer, April 19, 2017, WUSA9 Great Day Washington

Working Out to Prevent Cancer, April 19, 2017, WUSA9 Great Day Washington

All in the Family: Discussing Screenings and Preventative Surgery for Inherited Cancers, April 17, 2017, CURE Today

Teal Ribbons Out in FORCE, April 12, 2017, Coastal Connecticut

I’m Taking the Reins on My Family History of Breast Cancer, March 28, 2017, I’m Taking Charge

Uncertainty Around New Health-Care Law Could Affect Those at Risk for Breast Cancer, March 15, 2017, Rewire

Critics Say A Republican Bill Would Open The Door to Genetic Discrimination, March 10, 2017, BuzzFeed

California Cancer Rates Dropped During The Recession. That’s Not Necessarily A Good Thing, March 1, 2017, California Healthline

“Angelina Jolie Effect”:  What Should I Know About Hereditary Cancer and Testing?, January 18, 2017, National Society of Genetic Counselors

For BRCA Breast Cancer Survivor, Turning 40 Means More Than a Mammogram, January 10, 2017,

In Battle Against Ovarian Cancer, A New Focus on Fallopian Tubes, December 21, 2016, Kaiser Health News

Fallopian Tubes May Have a Big Role in Ovarian Cancer Fight, December 20, 2016, CNN

Rubraca Approved for Advanced Ovarian Cancer, December 19, 2016, CURE

Peer Navigation Program Helpful for Patients with Hereditary Cancers, December 14, 2016, Oncology Nurse Advisor

So Your’re BRCA, Now What?, November 8, 2016, Fred Hutch News Service

Opinions Vary on Lap Walk, October 27, 2016, Dear Abby

Brighton Collectibles, October 7, 2016, WSCV Telemundo 51

Patient Perspective Helps Shape Dr. Rebecca Sutphen’s Hereditary Cancer Research, September 25, 2016, USF Health News

Sue Friedman, Founder of FORCE, Shares: BRCA, Genetic Testing, Survivorship, Prevention, September 21, 2016, My Gene Counsel

Breast Cancer Risk and Psychosocial Adjustment Among Adolescents, September 8, 2016, Cancer Therapy Advisor

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: What Young Breast Cancer Survivors Need to Know, September 6, 2016, Young Survival Coalition

Industry, Patient Groups Respond to FDA Draft Guidance on Patient Data Access, August 24, 2016, Mobi Health News

Insurers’ Fine Print May Exclude Health Care Important to Women, August 16, 2016, NPR Health News

Genetic Tests Reveal Role for Preventive Care, But Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover, August 11, 2016, GenomeWeb

Watch Out Men, You Can Get Breast Cancer Too, August 10, 2016, Forward

Women Need More Information to Cope With the Aftermath of BRCA-Prompted Preventive Surgery, August 1, 2016, Oncology Nursing News

9 Questions With a Surgeon: Life After Risk-Reducing Surgery, July 22, 2016, CURE Today

Genetics Labs Hoarding Cancer Patient Data Could Be Impeding Care , July 19, 2016, Newsweek

What It Means to Be at High Risk for Cancer, July 4, 2016,

Documentary On Genetic Testing for Cancer To Be Shown, July 9, 2016, Sun Journal

Examining the Relationship Between BRCA and Pancreatic Cancer, June 22, 2016, CURE Today

Cynthia Newsome is Live with FORCE Volunteer Joan Bruns, June 18, 2016, 41 Action News KSHB TV

Surviving … Against All Odds, June 16, 2016, WUSA9 News

Here’s What Men Need to Know About the Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer GeneMay 17, 2016, Washington Post

‘Today Show’ Host Hoda Kotb Bolsters Branford Cancer Fundraiser, April 6, 2016, New Haven Register

CHI Memorial Offers New Support Group For Women at Risk for Hereditary Cancers, March 16, 2016, The Chattanoogan

Three Leading Advocacy Organizations Fighting Breast Cancer Join Cure Media Group’s Advocacy Spotlight Partnership Program, March 28, 2016, Virtual Strategy Magazine

What Every Woman with Ovarian Cancer Should Know, March 8, 2016, Cure Magazine

With Help From Hoda, Berges Raising BRCA Awareness, February 24, 2016, Connecticut Shoreline

If You Want Life Insurance, Think Twice Before Getting a Genetic Test, February 17, 2016, Fast Company

What is Your Family’s Risk of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer? You Have to Look at the Male Side, Too, February 2, 2016, WCSH6 News

Warning Signs of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer, January 26, 2016, Catching Health, Bangor Daily News

Does Cancer Run in Your Family, January 12, 2016, NBC First Coast News

Heart Disease in BRCA Mutation Carriers, January 5, 2015, Oncology Nursing News

Knowledge as Power: Members of the UP Community Tackle Hereditary Breast Cancer with Optimism, Action, December 3, 2015, The Beacon

Local Woman Featured in Cancer Genetics Documentary, December 1, 2015, Click on Detroit

Rockstar Dave Grohl Examines Filmmaker’s Breasts, Because Men Get Breast Cancer Too, December 1, 2015, Forbes

Woman Opts To Head Off Cancer, November 11, 2015, Press Enterprise

Cancer Gene Test Can Benefit Men Too, November 8, 2015, The Daily Mail

XRAYS Aims to Help Patients, Survivors Make Sense of Research News, November 8, 2015, Oncology Nursing News

Exercise May Help Delay Preventive Procedures for Women at Elevated Risk of Breast Cancer, November 4, 2015, CureToday

Women With Elevated Breast Cancer Risk Can Benefit From Regular Physical Activity, October 30, 2015, News Medical

Making Sense of Breast Cancer Research and News, October 30, 2015, CureToday

New Mammogram Recommendations Worry Healthcare Providers, October 25, 2015, Steelers Lounge

Taking Control When Genetic Testing Reveals Cancer Risk, October 25, 2015, Lancaster Online

Empowering and Educating, October 22, 2015, Grosse Pointe News

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Knowing Your Genetics, October 14, 2015, WJLA TV

Caitlin Brodnick Turned a Breast Cancer Scare Into Stand-Up Fodder, October 14, 2015, Hartford Courant

The Road to “Pink & Blue”: Producer/Director Alan Blassberg, October 12, 2015, Variety411

Previvor Finds Her Funny Side, October 6, 2015, Herald-Tribune

Awareness of Heredity Helps Women Know Cancer Risks, October 1, 2015, WTOP News

National Previvor Day, September 30, 2015, CT Style

8 Facts About Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer That Could Save Your Life, September 29, 2015, Nancy’s Point

A Personal Perspective, September 26, 2015, JUF News

The Breast Cancer Gene and Me, September 25, 2015, The New York Times

Can Cancer Ever Be Funny? Comedian Caitlin Brodnick Thinks So, September 12, 2015, The Washington Post

A True Force: Volunteer Ellyn Davidson brings her expertise to national group for hereditary breast cancer, September 10, 2015, Detroit Jewish News

Genetics May Fuel Aggressive Breast Cancer in Black Women, September 6, 2015, Philadelphia Inquirer

What Would You Do If You Found Out You Had The Breast Cancer Gene Mutation? September 1, 2015, SELF

Registry for Patients, Survivors and “Previvors” Aims to Power Outcomes-Based Research, August 31, 2015, Cure Today

Genetic Testing Can Lead to Insights – or Uncertainty, August 13, 2015, Cure Today

Body Double: An Army Soldier With a Double Mastectomy Gets an Unusual Call From Hollywood, August 13, 2015, Runners World

Breast Cancer Panels May Force Women to Pay for Mammography Screenings, August 13, 2015, Forward

USF and Cancer Advocacy Organization FORCE Awarded $1.45M to Advance Clinical Research Network, August 12, 2015, USF Health News

36 Under 36: Sivan Schondorf, July 2015, Oy!Chicago

Sue Friedman on Informed Decision-Making in Hereditary Cancers, July 14, 2015,

Spotlight On: FORCE, July 8, 2015, BFFL Co.

Sue Friedman Provides an Overview of the ABOUT Network, July 7, 2015,

Facing the Risks of Hereditary Cancer, July 6, 2015, NJTV News

Sue Friedman on Informed Decision-Making in Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancers, June 30, 2015, CURE Today

Testing Positive for BRCA - The Genetic Mutation that Raises Cancer Risk, June 11, 2015, WTNH News CT Style

Teal Ribbons Out in FORCE, June 3, 2015, Coastal Connecticut

Ashworth Receives Award From Cancer Nonprofit, June 2, 2015, UCSF

How Genetic Tests Can Reveal a Hidden Family History of Cancer, May 20, 2015, NBC Nightly News

Genetic Testing Moves Into World of Employee Health, April 28, 2015, Associated Press

Previvorship: Managing Cancer Risk Decisions in Unaffected BRCA-Positive Women, April 28, 2015, Oncology Nurse Advisor

Difficult Choices For Women With Genetic Cancer Risk, April 24, 2015, ABC Local 10 News South Florida

At High Risk For Breast and Ovarian Cancer, April 23, 2015, West Point Tidewater Review

Hunt for Deadly Breast Cancer Genes Pools Thousands of Women, April 21, 2015, Bloomberg Business

BRCA Gene Datashare Will Help Detect Cancer Risk, April 21, 2015, USA Today

With BRCA Genetic Testing on the Rise, Insurers Balk, April 19, 2015, Philadelphia Inquirer

GVSU Senior Says BRCAn’t Stop Me, April 13, 2015, USA Today

Genetic Mutations Raise Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer, April 12, 2015, Daily Press

Choice Means Everything for Women with BRCA Gene, April 10, 2015, The Virginian Pilot

Angelina Jolie’s Surgery: How Others Face The Risk, April 3, 2015, CBS8 San Diego

Angelina’s Surgery: Covered By Insurance?, March 31, 2015, WebMD

Young Henrico Mom Chose Surgery To Evade Breast Cancer, March 29, 2015, Richmond Times Dispatch

I Have The Same Mutated Cancer Gene as Angelina Jolie, March 26, 2015,

The Powerful ‘Angelina Effect’: Jolie’s Impact on Genetic Breast Cancer Testing, March 25, 2015, Lancaster Online

Angelina Jolie’s Latest Medical Decision Resonates with Women, March 25, 2015, Boston Globe

Angelina Jolie Discusses Her Tough Choices, March 25, 2015, Philadelphia Inquirer

What I Share With Angelina Jolie, March 25, 2015,

Jolie’s Disclosure Highlights Women’s Painful Choices, March 25, 2015, Stuff.Co.NZ

Who Covers The Cost of Preventive Surgery Like Angelina Jolie’s, March 25, 2015,

Angelina Jolie Discusses Her Recent Surgery Vis-à-Vis Another Patient That Had the Same Surgery, March 25, 2015, Dispatch Times

Local Doctors Thoughts on Jolie’s Decisions, March 24, 2015, NBC King5 News

Local Women on Removing Ovaries: I’ve Been Able to Be Proactive, March 24, 2015, NBC4-DC

Local Mom Speaks Out On Removing Her Ovaries, March 24, 2015, WUSA9-DC

How the ACA Has Helped Women Like Angelina Jolie, March 24, 2015, MSNBC

Tampa Cancer Survivor Hopes Jolie’s Story Shines Light on Genetic Counseling, March 24, 2015, Fox 13 Tampa - WFLA

Jolie’s Disclosure Highlights Women’s Painful Choices, March 24, 2015, USA Today

Angelina Jolie and Women’s Health, March 24, 2015, LA NPR Affiliate (KCRW)

NY Times Op-Ed Comments, March 24, 2015, New York Times

Lynn Woman Has No Regrets After Preventative Surgeries, March 24, 2015, CBS Boston

Tampa Cancer Survivor Hopes Jolie’s Story Shines Light on Genetic Counseling, March 24, 2015, WFLA News 8 Tampa

Angelina Jolie Has Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes Removed in Hopes of Reducing Cancer Risk, March 24, 2015, CBS NY

Huntington Woods Mother Shares Angelina Jolie’s Decision For Preventive Cancer Surgery, March 24, 2015, WXYZ Detroit

Notes From a Previvor, Winter 2014, Gunnison County Times

A Battle Against Cancer Includes Effort to Raise Awareness, February 4, 2015, Northwest Community Television Channel 12

Forum Focuses on Knowing Facts of Cancer, New Jersey Jewish News, February 4, 2015

Heart Disease in BRCA Mutation Carriers, January 5, 2015, Oncology Nursing News








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