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Since 1999, FORCE has been the voice of experience for the hereditary cancer community and has emerged as a thought leader in this area. Read the below published articles and news stories.

Cancer Risk Can Lurk in Our Genes. So Why Don't More People Get Tested?, August 02, 2023, NPR

Policymakers are Failing to Protect Patients at Risk of Hereditary Cancer, July 08, 2023, The Hill

What Black Women with Ovarian Cancer Need to Know About Genetic Testing, June 29, 2023, Everyday Health

The Fight to Take Back Our Genes, June 13, 2023, ACLU

Unraveling Genomics, May 28, 2023, Leaders Edge

Morgan Wade to Undergo Double Mastectomy, May 23, 2023, CMT

Stunning Change to United's Colonoscopy Coverage Roils Physicians and Patients, May 15, 2023, STAT News

Can We Have a Talk About Hereditary Cancer Risks?, April 02, 2023, CURE Today

Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Genetic Testing Access Introduced in Congress, March 29, 2023, Cancer Health

Alabama Only State Where Medicaid Won't Cover Some Breast Cancer Screening, February 26, 2023,

Stepping Up Again for Hereditary Cancer Prevention, February 23, 2023, CURE Today

The Value of Partnerships for Hereditary Cancers, February 07, 2023, CURE Today

What Patients and Their Families Should Know About Hereditary Breast Cancer, February 07, 2023, Cure Today

Support is Critical for Those Affected by Hereditary Cancer, February 07, 2023, CURE Today

Clinical Trials in Hereditary Cancer: Maybe a Key to Better Health Outcomes, February 07, 2023, CURE Today

Making Strides and Breaking Down Barriers in Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer, February 07, 2023, CURE Today

The Brightened & Enlightened Series Presents: FORCE, January 11, 2023, Cancer Wellness

Bipartisan Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act Introduced, December 15, 2022, The ASCO Post

Genetic Testing Emphasized During Men's Health Month, November 22, 2022, Yahoo

Lifestyle Changes and Non-Estrogen-Based Therapies May Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms in Women With Cancer, October 27, 2022, CURE Today

How Patients With Cancer Can Best Use Diet and Exercise to Manage the Life Altering Effects of Fatigue, October 26, 2022, CURE Today

How Cancer Survivors, Patients Can Better Optimize Sleep, October 24, 2022, CURE Today

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Metastatic Breast Cancer Research, October 10, 2022, WWL New Orleans

When Breast Cancer Declares War, October 07, 2022, Chestnut Hill Local

Hereditary Cancer Demands a New Medical Discipline, September 27, 2022, CURE Today

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Hereditary Cancer, September 27, 2022, Los Angeles Times

Working Toward the End of Cancer Health Disparities, September 19, 2022, Cancer Today

NCCN Policy Summit: Cancer Screening Gaps Highlight Urgent Need to Address Health Inequities, September 17, 2022, The Ritz Herald

Updated NCCN Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Help Clarify Risks for Patients, August 05, 2022, Pharmacy Times

New NCCN Guidelines for Mammography: All Women Over 40, July 29, 2022, Medscape

The Amount of Misinformation Online Can Lead to "Horribly Detrimental" Results in Patients With Cancer, Experts Say, July 27, 2022, CURE Today

Science Will Win: How Access to Information Advances Health Equity, July 21, 2022, USA TODAY

Standing on My Hereditary Cancer and Prevention Soapbox, June 28, 2022, CURE

Meagan Good Shares Her Scare With Uterine Cancer to Encourage People to Spot the Early Signs, March 30, 2022, AP News

Meagan Good Talks About The Spot Her for Endometrial Cancer Campaign, March 30, 2022, WPIX-TV New York

When Cancer is in the Family, January 21, 2022, Cancer Today

The Promise of Liquid Biopsy Tests For Detecting Cancer Earlier, December 16, 2021, Cure Today

The Genome Defense Review: Disputed Ownership, December 07, 2021, The Wall Street Journal

3 Things to Look for When Reading Cancer Research, October 18, 2021, CURE Today

Reigniting Sexual Intimacy and Desire Important for Patients With Cancer, October 08, 2021, CURE Today

Local Previvors Work to Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer, October 07, 2021, ABC News

Tip of the Iceberg: More Targeted Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer to Come, October 07, 2021, CURE Today

Tell, Ask, Listen, Know: Close the Communication Gap Between Minority Cancer Survivors and Their Providers, October 06, 2021, CURE Today

Navigating the Ins and Outs of Implant Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery, October 06, 2021, CURE Today

Here's How Men With Bladder, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Can Treat Sexual Dysfunction, October 05, 2021, CURE Today

Help Children Learn to Cope with Cancer Risk Through Open Conversations, October 05, 2021, CURE Today

New Treatment in Breast Cancer May Lead to Less Toxicity, Improved Response Rates, October 04, 2021, CURE Today

Misconceptions About Genetic Testing for Inherited Cancer Mutations Rampant Among Minority Populations, October 04, 2021, CURE Today

Cancer Survivorship is not 'One Size Fits All', October 04, 2021, CURE Today

The Promise of Precision Medicine: Making Incurable Cancers Into Chronic Diseases, October 01, 2021, CURE Today

Eat Your Veggies: Diet Plays a Role in Cancer Occurrence and Outcomes, October 01, 2021, CURE Today

Here are Some Legal Rights That Protect the Genetic Information of People at Risk for Hereditary Cancers, September 30, 2021, CURE Today

A Guide to Cancer Clinical Trial Participation is not a Last Ditch Option, September 30, 2021, CURE Today

Integrative Medicine: Do Herbs, Diet and Other Approaches Affect Cancer Outcomes?, September 30, 2021, CURE Today

Adopting Consensus Terms for Testing in Precision Medicine, September 30, 2021, JCO Precision Oncology

What Patients With Ovarian Cancer Should Know About Maintenance Therapy, September 29, 2021, CURE Today

Study Seeks to Prevent Cancer and Extend Quality of Life for Women at Increased Genetic Risk for Ovarian Cancer, September 07, 2021, NIH Division of Cancer Prevention

Olaparib reduced the risk of relapse by 42% in early BRCA breast cancer, June 15, 2021, World Today News

Ashkenazi Dads Can Pass the BRCA Mutation to Their Kids. It Turns Out I Did., June 14, 2021,

High Risk Women Are Facing Barriers to Preventive Cancer Care, April 27, 2021, The Lily

FDA grants accelerated approval for GSK's JEMPERLI for women with recurrent or advanced dMMR endometrial cancer, April 22, 2021, BioSpace

Ending the Stigma of Endometrial Cancer, April 19, 2021, HealthCentral

Eisai and Advocacy Leaders Team Up to Launch Spot Her - An Initiative That Empowers Women to Help Spot Signs of Endometrial Cancer, March 31, 2021, PR Newswire

Having the Ball in Your Court Helps You Fight Cancer, March 22, 2021, CURE Today

Foundation Medicine and InformedDNA® Collaborate to Improve Access to Genetic Counseling for Advanced Cancer Patients, March 09, 2021, Businesswire

FORCE Volunteer Maria Serra and Cancer Support Community Talk Hereditary Cancer, February 25, 2021, Facebook Live

How Patients With Metastatic Prostate Cancer Can Be Informed By Biomarker Testing, February 02, 2021, Men's Health

Wausau Riverwolves Co-Owner Loses Cancer Battle, January 13, 2021, Wausau Pilot and Review

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Proposal Reauthorizing Breast Cancer Program Over the Finish LIne, January 04, 2021, Florida Daily

Genetic Testing Can Assess Your Risk For Getting Cancer. Here are the Costs Involved, October 31, 2020, CNBC

Central Florida Businesswoman Works to Help Those with Hereditary Cancer, October 28, 2020, Orlando News 13

Can a Blood Test Detect Cancer in Asymptomatic Patients?, October 28, 2020, CURE Today

Daughter of Springsteen Drummer Pens Book on Beating Breast Cancer 'Like a Boss', October 23, 2020, The Times of Israel

Facing Breast Cancer Risk During a Pandemic, October 16, 2020, ABC News

A Guide to Supporting Individuals and Families Facing Hereditary Cancer, October 07, 2020, Counseling Schools

FORCE Expands to Provide Support for Anyone Impacted by Hereditary Cancer, October 07, 2020, CURE Today

PARP Inhibitors Demonstrate the Value of Targeted Treatments in Prostate Cancer, October 01, 2020, CURE Today

How Breast Cancer Patients Feel About Endocrine Therapy, September 29, 2020, Cancer Therapy Advisor

FDA Updates Breast Implant Labeling Recommendations to Help Inform Patients About Dangerous Potential Side Effects, September 29, 2020, CURE Today

Kathy Bates Reflects on Living Life With Lymphedema, July 01, 2020, WebMD

National Patient Advocacy Organizations Band Together for #InclusionPledge to Ensure Equity For Black Women, June 11, 2020, Benzinga

Genetic Testing and Life Insurance, June 07, 2020, Radio Health Journal

Genetic, Genomic or Biomarket Testing in Cancer - What is the Difference?, May 01, 2020, Conquer

Genetic Testing: Are Over the Counter Options Reliable, April 15, 2020, CURE

Prioritizing Family Health History, April 15, 2020, CURE

For Those with Predispositions to Cancer, COVID-19 Adds ‘A Second Helping of Stress,’, April 03, 2020, CURE

What the Coronavirus Outbreak Means for People with Weakened Immune Systems, March 31, 2020, NPR

DNA Tests Grow More Vital in Hereditary Breast Cancer Treatments. They Also Raise Unanswerable Questions, March 15, 2020, The Washington Post

Understanding Prevention For Hereditary Cancer, February 10, 2020, CURE

Is the New Medicare NGS Payment Policy Really a Win for Patients, February 05, 2020, LabPulse

BRCA: Who Should Be Tested?, February 04, 2020, Cancer Today

CMS Agrees to Cover NGS for Medicare Patients with Breast, Ovarian, Other Cancers, January 27, 2020, AJMC

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Proposal Reauthorizing Breast Cancer Program Over the Finish LIne, ,

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