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Tribute > Maryann Kegler

Tribute in Memory of: Maryann Kegler

Maryann Kegler
Maryann Kegler

Maryann Kegler, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother and sister lost her battle to breast cancer in 1976. Back in the 1970's she had to undergo a radical mastectomy and very primitive chemotherapy but she wouldn't let it slow her down. She was very energetic, keeping up with the children, farm and volunteering all while fighting cancer. She always had a smile and could make you laugh.

Personal Story

Anyone who knew Maryann would immediately think of how she would light up a room with her cheerful and vibrant personality. She battled breast cancer while raising 3 children and providing them with a wonderful country life. Maryann was a pioneer in the fight against breast cancer. Back in the 1970's, she was doing volunteer work for the cancer center even from her hospital bed.
We miss you, our love for you is still strong we think of you everyday.

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