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Tribute > Janet Harris

Tribute in Memory of: Janet Harris

Janet Harris
Janet Harris

Janet was an inspiration to all of us fortunate enough to know her. She has empowered us to strengthen our commitment to help others in our community.

Personal Story

Philly FORCE will remember Janet as a role model.
She was an inspiration to us all and was welcomed as part of our family.

Even though we met via email only 8 months ago, her impact on our local chapter was tremendous.
While initially seeking information for herself when she joined, Janet ended up attending almost every event and meeting we held to help others.

She reached out to other women who were scared. She comforted them and empowered them to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families.

We connected with Janet not just because of our DNA, but in spite of it. We bonded because we did not want to travel this difficult journey alone. We found instant friendship.

Janet was one of the strongest women we have ever met. Despite what was happening to her body, she never complained. She saw this time as an opportunity to help others … and made a difference.

Janet, thank you so much for entering our lives and sharing your wisdom and warmth with us. You will be remembered and will be sorely missed.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your husband, Mark and your daughters, Laura and Erica.

With much love,

Your Philly FORCE Sisters

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