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Tribute in Memory of: Paula Combs Wurlitzer

Paula Combs Wurlitzer
Paula Combs Wurlitzer

In loving memory of my dear friend, Paula Wurlitzer, who lost her battle with BRCA2 ovarian cancer on March 12, 2016. It is my hope that friends and family will come to this website from time to time and donate in Paula's memory to advance the amazing work that FORCE is doing to bring awareness to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer with the ultimate goal of a cure.

Personal Story

Anyone who knew her knew that Paula was a FORCE to be reckoned with. She approached life with passion and positivity. She was the "energizer bunny" who knew what to do and got it done. She approached her cancer diagnosis the same way. To her, this was just another challenge in life's journey. She "wasn't going to give this cancer any energy". Instead, she and her devoted husband, Lindsay, set out to learn all they could about this cancer and investigated the latest medical advances and clinical trials. We followed her medical journey through surgery and recovery, through chemo and remission, through relapse and second round of chemo, through debilitating side effects and third round of chemo, through clinical trials and newly approved drugs, through more side effects and disappointing results with immune therapy. Through it all there was one constant - Paula's unshakeable faith and determination to move forward. So we must move forward and never forget her love of life and the desire to make a difference for future generations. We are all blessed to have her a part of our lives. The world is a better place because she was here

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