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Tribute > Evelyn Alice Walzer

Tribute in Memory of: Evelyn Alice Walzer

Evelyn Alice Walzer
Evelyn Alice Walzer

Ovarian Cancer Warrior & Champion of BRCA Testing.

Personal Story

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Always civic minded and giving of her time, Evelyn Walzer, 58, of Westlake, Ohio joined the Cleveland FORCE group. She actively volunteered and donated generously. Armed with information from FORCE, her own research, and her experiences she became an ovarian cancer warrior sharing advice on treatment and clinical trials that positively impacted others. Learning there was no ovarian cancer support group, as a leader, Evelyn formed The Chronic Resilience Club welcoming others who were on a similar journey into her home for weekly get-togethers.

Evelyn was a champion of BRCA testing and prophylactic surgery. She was never bitter that she had not been aware of the risk until after her diagnosis. She encouraged her family to get tested. It was her hope to guide others to take actions to prevent them from going through this terrible disease. She freely told her story on video.

Evelyn was determined not to let anything slow her in her crusade. She drove herself. In-between debilitating chemotherapy sessions she even selflessly flew to Atlanta to help her sister recover from preventative surgery. When a chemotherapy session was cancelled because her blood counts were not optimal, she went to her church and cooked meals for the homeless.

Evelyn felt blessed to have never been sick before cancer. She expressed that cancer taught her life lessons. It intensified her love for her family, importance of authentic friendship, search for knowledge, passion for causes, community service and exploration of faith. It enhanced her zeal for life and allowed her a new freedom. To raise awareness for ovarian cancer, Evelyn even colored her hair blue! While in remission she traveled to Europe, cruised the Hawaiian Islands and took a trip to Greece.

Real courage and endurance in managing ovarian cancer were modeled by Evelyn. She was realistic, candid, and thoughtful knowing her time would eventually come to an end. She recognized living with aggressive ovarian cancer for over 3 years to be a miracle. She was appreciative of Dr. Rose and the Cleveland Clinic medical team for exploring all options and doing everything possible on her behalf. She found out how difficult recovering from surgery and chemotherapy was and leaned more on her husband, despite her fierce independence. She appreciated her sister, and new found friendships with other cancer warriors who she could always turn to for encouragement, to confide in, to discuss details of treatment, help her navigate the medical system, and laugh with even through the hard times.

Ultimately, the ovarian cancer spread throughout her abdomen, digestive system, and into her lungs. The end was very difficult. Evelyn died peacefully at home surrounded by family.

Evelyn was an excellent role model of how to rise above circumstances and continue to live gracefully all the way to the end.

Evelyn was an inspiration to so many and will be greatly missed.

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