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Tribute > Arthur Duggan

Tribute in Memory of: Arthur Duggan

Arthur Duggan
Arthur Duggan

To Our Dad for always letting us know how much we were loved.

Personal Story

Our Dad had Breast Cancer long before many people had ever heard of male breast cancer. He never tried to hide it or was ashamed to have what was thought of as a "women's disease". He did not baulk when, his daughters, asked him to have genetic testing after our Mom found out about her Breast Cancer.

After learning of his BRAC I status his daughters, nieces, nephews and other family members were given the chance to test if they wanted to. Some tested positive, some negative and at least two found they had active breast cancer.

FORCE was instrumental in helping support myself (his daughter) and other members of my family as we learned about our BRAC I status and were making some really tough decisions.

We all were given the opportunity to make the decisions based upon our testing to make the right decision for each of us individually. Some of us have had surgery, some have stepped up the monitoring for ovarian, breast and other cancers. Some have chosen not to test but know that it is available.

He has giving his children, grandchildren and other family members an opportunity to save their own lives. For that we are truly grateful. You were loved so much by so many. And your being the first to have this genetic testing will help safe multiple generations of the family you loved so much.

Good Bye Dad, Thank You

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