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Tribute > Stephanie Burton

Tribute in Honor of: Stephanie Burton
Posted November 19, 2014

Stephanie Burton
Stephanie Burton

For a dear friend and our inspiration!

Personal Story

Stephanie Burton was diagnosed at age 35 with BRCA 2, triple negative, infiltrating ductal carcinoma. She was given a 50%chance of survival. She underwent a double mastectomy and oophorectomy. After the mastectomy she suffered a series of 3 staph infections on her right side that left her with permanent damage to her skin. Because of this she is unable to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Despite all of these challenges, Steph is not only a survivor, she is a thriver. She is cancer free for 7yrs as of October 2014. She is an inspiration to everyone around her.

Steph has 2 sisters and only one of them decided to find out if they also carried the BRCA gene. Indeed she does and she also underwent a proactive double mastectomy. Steph believes that the gene came from her fathers side. Her father passed away before her diagnosis from unknown causes.

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