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Tribute > Donna Marino

Tribute in Memory of: Donna Marino
Posted February 12, 2014

Donna Marino
Donna Marino

Personal Story

In tribute to the most amazing human being who has ever lived on this earth, my wife Donnna Marino. She was an amazing wife and an incredible mother who taught us all how to live our lives. She made me a better man and was in our children's lives every moment from the moment they were born. Not as an overbearing mother, but as a guardian to make sure that their lives would be better than her own. She made them amazing human beings.
Donna was the most courageous, fearless and bravest person that anyone who knew her would ever know. She had life figured out. She never panicked whenever something came along and always knew how to handle every situation. I have never met snyone in my life who was like her. She wanted to live so badly. She loved her family and her home.
She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 50 in March of 2012. She did her chemo and radiadtion and we thought she was doing well until the cancer went to her brain in February of 2013. She fought that off and was once again doing fine (or so we were told by her rotten oncologist) to the point where she was scheduled to have Cyberknife in April of 2013. While the radiologist was reading her MRI to program the Cyberknife machine to zap the tumors in her brain, he found more cancer in her spinal fluid. Since there was no cure for this we went to CINJ in New Brunswick but it was too late.
My beautiful wife who I first started dating in 1978 when I was 19 and she was 17 passed away on June 17, 2013. Needless to say, I and our 3 children are devastated. We miss her and cry for her every day. She was our rock. Our leader who brought us through all of the troubles of life. She was a beautiful person who was always upbeat, always smiling and happy. Always made her home and her workplace as happy and comfortable as she could.
I was with her for 34 1/2 years and never once saw her cry and the pain and suffering she went though with the treatments, the cancer and the hospital stays were truly unbearable and yet she fought and never gave up.

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