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Tribute > Jeanne Malicoat

Tribute in Memory of: Jeanne Malicoat

Jeanne Malicoat
Jeanne Malicoat

To my sister, Jeanne Malicoat November 13, 1947 - September 2, 2011

Personal Story

A Mother - who loved unconditionally; dedicated her life to her children; made the meaning of “family” a part of her home; always opened her home to friends and family

A Grandmother – whose face lit up whenever those wonderful children entered a room; always “played” with her grandchildren; was the queen of “Arts and Crafts”

A Sister – who laughed and cried with us; was a best friend when really in need; reminded us happily of our own mother

An Aunt – that considered her nieces and nephews one of her own

A Wife – a forever soul mate

A strong Woman - a woman thirsting for knowledge; innovative; a do-it-herself type; nurturing; artistic; questioning; compassionate; a good friend; courageous, resilient; saw beauty in the small things; a “fighter”. God’s gift to all who knew her!

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