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Tribute > Earl Burns

Tribute in Memory of: Earl Burns

Earl Burns
Earl Burns

To a loving and devoted father, husband, son, brother, grandfather, and friend.

Personal Story

Our dad, Earl Reece Burns, passed away June 1, 2011 after a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 69.

After he was diagnosed with cancer last year, we discovered he carried a hereditary BRCA1 mutation, as do we (his daughters). His mother and sister were also taken by cancer, both at far too young an age. We decided to create this tribute in his memory to help, in a small way, to advance research in this area as well as to promote more readily available education and resources on hereditary cancer.

Daddy was a biologist, and we loved that he could identify just about any plant or insect in the southern states. He loved spending time outside and working with his hands. Some of his favorite hobbies over the years included fishing with us and his friends, landscaping, farming, and restoring or building furniture.

Daddy was honest, hard-working, loving, patient, soft-spoken, intelligent, caring, and giving. He touched many lives. We hope our sons grow up to be like him. If they do, they will always know love, happiness, and peace.

We miss you Daddy.

Lara and Cary

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