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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project

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Study Contact Information:

You can reach us by email or by phone: 651-293-5029

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project

About the Study 

The Prostate Cancer Project is a nationwide genomic research study for men with advanced and/or prostate cancer. Patients can join online and participate by sharing their medical information and samples. The goal of the project is to generate a comprehensive database that will be shared with the entire research community to accelerate discoveries in cancer.

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What the Study Entails

Participation is easy:

  • Complete a simple online form with optional questions about yourself and your cancer
  • Fill out an online consent form that gives permission for the study team to obtain copies of your medical records and optional stored tumor tissue (if available)
  • Provide a saliva sample and/or blood sample via simple kits sent directly to you

Study Lead Investigator

Eli Van Allen, MD


This Study is Open To:

Men who have been diagnosed with advanced or prostate cancer can participate.

This Study is Not Open To: