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Decision Navigation for Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Using mHealth

Decision Navigation for Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Using mHealth identifier:


Quality of Life:
Prostate Cancer Survivor

Study Contact Information:

Contact Randy A Jones, PhD,RN by phone 434.924.0125 or email or 
Jane Gildersleeve, MSN by phone 434.466.8109 or email 

Decision Navigation for Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Using mHealth

About the Study

Men with advanced prostate cancer face difficult choices for treatment because of the nature of their disease and having limited options. This study will test the use of an innovative Registered Nurse-Community Patient Navigator team delivered interactive mHealth decision aid for patients with advanced prostate cancer to help facilitate informed shared decisions about anti-cancer treatment that affects their quality of life.

Type of Study

This is a randomized two-arm study enrolling patients and their selected person who provides decisional support (DPP) 

  • This is a randomized study, which means that participants will be placed into one of the two study groups by chance. Neither patients nor the research doctor will choose the group participants are placed in.
  • The study has two arms. This means that patients in the study are placed in one of two different groups.
    • One group will receive "enhanced usual care (EUC) for decision-making. 
    • One group will receive the decision intervention: an interactive program delived by a nurse/navigation team

What the Study Entails

Eligible men and their who enroll will be randomly assigned to standard-of-care information and support or the decision intervention: an interactive program known as CHAMPION. Participants will complete surveys that will record multiple outcomes including: decision conflict, decision regret and prostate cancer symptoms. 

Study Sites

  • Maryland
    • Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University
      • Contact Jennifer Wenzel, PhD,RN at  410-502-1114 or by email 
  • Virginia
    • Charlottesville: University of Virginia
      • Contact: Randy A Jones, PhD,RN,FAAN    434-924-0125 or by email  
This Study is Open To:

Men can participate if they:

  • have stages III/ IV prostate cancer
  • have a life expectancy ≥6 months
  • have a patient selected person who provides decisional support who is willing to participate 
This Study is Not Open To:
  • patients with severe psychiatric problems
  • patients who do not understand English