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ARIEL4: Rucaparib and Recurrent Ovarian Cancer identifier:


Study Contact Information:

Questions about the study should be directed to Clovis Oncology Clinical Trial Navigation Service at: 1-855-262-3040 or by email

The study is open and recruiting at sites in these state: AZ, CA, CO, FL, ME, MI, NY, OH and these countries: Canada, Czechia, Brazil, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom

ARIEL4: A Study of Rucaparib Versus Chemotherapy BRCA Mutant Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal Cancer Patients

About the Study

ARIEL4 is a treatment study for women with relapsed, high-grade epithelial ovarian, , or primary peritoneal cancer who have a  or  mutation. ARIEL4 is designed to evaluate against standard of care chemotherapy in women who have had at least two prior chemotherapy regimens. Visit the ARIEL4 Study page for more information. 


Type of Study

ARIEL4 is a , 2-arm, cross-over study. 

  • This is a  study, which means that participants will be placed into one of the two treatment groups by chance. Neither patients nor the research doctor will choose the group participants are placed in. This is a 2:1  study. This means that patients will have a slightly greater chance of being placed in the treatment group than the standard treatment group.
  • The study has 2 arms. This means that patients in the study are placed in one of two different groups. One group will received the rucaparib and the other group will receive one of several standard chemotherapy treatment options chosen by their oncologist.
  • The study is . All participating patients will know which group they have been assigned to.
  • The study allows crossover. this means that patients who progress on the standard treatment arm will be given the opportunity to crossover into the arm if they choose. 

What the Study Entails

  • Patients chosen to be on the arm will receive oral twice daily.
  • Patients chosen to be on the chemotherapy arm will receive one of several standard of care chemotherapy options as chosen by their doctor. 

Patient who qualify for the ARIEL4 trial and enroll, receive the following as part of the study: standard-of-care and study related clinical exams, blood tests, imaging scans of your cancer, lab test results including  and the other  tests, the study medication ( or chemotherapy) and other assessments. Patients who were treated with chemotherapy on the main study and then experience a worsening of their ovarian cancer may be eligible to receive after they discontinue chemotherapy.

Study Sites

Study sites are open in several states in the US and international sites are open as well. For an up-to-date list of study sites, visit the ARIEL4 website

US Sites:

State City Facility Contact Info
Arizona Tucson University of Arizona cancer CenteAllison Wolgast (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-313-576-8994 or by emailr Yrma Burruel (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-520-694-9081 or by email
Elizabeth (Jennie) Collins (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-520-694-9067 or by email
California Monterey Pacific Cancer Care Leslie Hohenbrink (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-831-375-4105 or by email
Orange University of California Irvine Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Anita Wallick (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-714-456-6191 or by email
Colorado Littleton Rocky Mountain Cancer Center Valerie Apodaca by phone: 1-303-285-5081 or by email
Florida Orlando Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Jane LeBlanc (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-407-303-2090, ext: 1104286 or by email
Maine Scarborough Maine Medical Center Maine Medical Partners Gynecologic Oncology Robin Donovan (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-207-396-7089 or by email
Michigan Detroit Wayne State University Allison Wolgast (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-313-576-8994 or by email
New York Mineola Women's Contemporary Care Associates (WCCA) – Mineola Jennifer Brown (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-516-663-3115 or by email
Ohio Cincinnati University of Cincinnati Lisa Woeste (Study Coordinator) by phone: 1-513-584-4528 or by email

International Study Sites:

Canada, Czechia, Brazil, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom

This Study is Open To:


This Study is Not Open To: