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Cancer Experience Registry

Surveys, Registries, Interviews
Online survey for patients and caregivers focusing on multiple aspects of cancer

Study Contact Information:

Email Cancer Support Community at [email protected]

Cancer Experience Registry

About the Study

The Cancer Experience Registry (CER) survey from Cancer Support Community (CSC) uncovers the emotional, physical, practical, and financial impact of cancer to help patients and caregivers get the support they need. Through the CER survey, we reach those impacted by cancer so their voices can be part of this important research and so that together, we can:

  • Influence healthcare policies
  • Enhance cancer care
  • Improve support services

Click here to start the survey:

What the Study Involves

  • Start the survey by selecting patient or caregiver
  • Answer questions about your cancer experience
  • Start and stop when you like by using the unique link emailed to you
  • Be invited to take part in follow-up surveys or other research and programs applicable to you
  • The survey takes about 35 minutes to complete


This Study is Open To:
  • People diagnosed with cancer
  • Caregivers for friends and family members diagnosed with cancer
This Study is Not Open To:
  • People who have not been diagnosed with cancer or who have not cared for a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer