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Opening the Conversation identifier:

Quality of Life
Online communication program for breast and gynecologic cancer survivors and their partners

Study Contact Information:

Jessica Gorman, PhD, MPH
Contact email: [email protected]
Study website at:

Opening the Conversation

About the Study

This is a clinical trial sponsored by the American Cancer Society, where we will be testing the helpfulness of two programs designed to teach breast and gynecological cancer survivors and their partners to communicate and cope with physical, emotional, and relationship challenges after cancer. The programs are conducted entirely via videoconference (Zoom), so neither you nor your partner would have to travel anywhere to participate. For more information, you can visit the study website at:  

What the Study Involves

This is a control trial sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The study coordinator will conduct a brief phone call with interested individuals to see if they are eligible.

If you participate in this study:

  • You and your partner will learn coping and communication skills that can improve your health and relationship after cancer.
  • Couples will be randomly assigned to participate in one of two skill-building programs. Programs will be delivered online via Zoom.

Program #1

  • Couples will participate in 5 weekly sessions.
  • Couples will learn ways to improve their personal and relationship health, focusing on coping with changes in intimacy and family building plans.

Program #2

  • Couples will participate in 4 weekly sessions.
    Couples will learn ways to improve their personal and relationship health, focusing on coping with changes in relationships after cancer.

Couples in both programs will:

  • Complete 1 online survey before the program starts.
  • Complete 2 online surveys after the program ends.
  • Some participants will be invited for a follow-up interview about their experience in the program.
  • Participants will receive $10 gift cards for each completed survey and $20 for a follow-up interview.

Study Site

College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Lead researcher: Jessica Gorman, PhD, MPH

This Study is Open To:

People with the following may be eligible:

  • were diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer between the ages of 18-39
  • diagnosed within 6 months to five years ago
  • have a committed partner who is willing to participate (all genders/sexual orientations are welcome)
  • have high speed internet access via smart phone, tablet, and/or computer
  • English speaking
This Study is Not Open To:

People who do not meet the above eligibility.