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Research requires participants. There is an urgent need to enroll patients into HBOC-specific studies.

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In this section you will find prevention, detection, treatment, and quality-of-life clinical trials and studies that are enrolling people affected by HBOC. Learn if you qualify for a study and how you can participate to help advance HBOC research.

Enroll in Research

Featured Research

FORCE is partnering with researchers to help enroll people with HBOC into high-priority studies.


Enroll in Research

Search for opportunities to participate in HBOC treatment, prevention, detection, quality-of-life, and other studies by region, type and stage of cancer, and type of research.


How To Search For Studies

Learn more about participating in research and tips to help yuou find research studies enrolling people like you.



Join the About Network

Learn how you can join FORCEs Patient-Powered Research Registry which will use the experiences of people in the HBOC community to answer important research questions.



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