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Terms of Use

This Post Mastectomy Photo Gallery (hereinafter the “gallery”) is intended to provide a useful database of photos of women who have undergone mastectomy surgery with and without reconstruction. This “gallery” allows women who have undergone mastectomy to share their post-surgical photos with others in a purely educational and supportive context. FORCE is not a health care provider, or otherwise a covered entity under HIPAA, and the information being supplied is provided voluntarily and is not protected personal health information.

For Those Who Submit Information (“Submitter(s)”):

This is a password-protected but publicly accessible photo gallery and you have no guarantee of anonymity. FORCE will not share any personal information that is not part of the photos and information that you submit to accompany your photos. By submitting photos and any other personal information you are allowing users of the FORCE website to view your images and information. You may edit or crop the photos as desired prior to submitting them and we recommend removing any identifiable jewelry, or covering any identifiable scar or tattoo if you are concerned with privacy. Should you choose to no longer have your photos posted, we will make all reasonable effort to remove them within seven (7) days of written receipt of notice from you of your desire to have them removed.
By Submitting, you represent that these photos are yours to submit and that you have copyright and that the images are of yourself and not of any other person.

If you choose to share your contact information with other FORCE users, FORCE will not be responsible for any email or other communication you receive as a result of submitting information on this website. FORCE reserves the right to remove without any notice ANY photo posted for any reason, or for no reason, at its sole discretion. Provided, however, that FORCE has no obligation to remove content you find objectionable other than content specific to you. As a Submitter, you agree to completely hold harmless FORCE for any liability connected in any way with your use of the photo gallery, submissions therein, or any contacts you receive from any source as a result of being a Submitter. You acknowledge and understand that once your image is posted on the FORCE website that people may have access to the photos and may download, scan or reprint the photos for fair use without FORCE knowledge or permission. You acknowledge and agree that FORCE has no control over such unknown and unauthorized use and you agree to indemnify and hold FORCE, its officers, directors, employees and agents, harmless from any claims connected to such use. Provided, however, that FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered will not authorize any reproduction of these photographs anywhere else and in any other medium without your consent. 

For Users of the Gallery (“User(s)”):

This website and the gallery service are for individual educational use only. Nothing on this site is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or other information that could only be obtained by a face-to-face interview with a health care service provider. Any listing of a health care service provider’s information and/or views expressed in connection with submission of such information is solely the view of the Submitter and does not reflect the position of FORCE nor is anything on this website to be deemed an endorsement of any such doctor or health care service provider or of any medical procedure, medication, or other medical-oriented information by FORCE. Use of any such doctor, health care service provider, or medical procedure/medication is engaged in by you at your own risk.

The photos submitted reflect the outcomes of individuals who have volunteered to share their post-surgical outcomes. FORCE does not have control over who submits photos and these outcomes may not represent the average results or a viewer’s individual experiences with a surgery, nor should they serve as an endorsement by FORCE of any particular treatment or procedure.

Each Submitter is responsible for his/her own submissions and the contents thereof. FORCE has no control over those who submit information to the gallery and hereby disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for such submissions. As a User or Submitter, you agree to these terms and conditions and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, its officers, directors, employees, and contractors from any action or liability that may arise from Submitting or Using information on the Registry, including but not limited to advice or choice of a particular surgical procedure. Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use each and every time you access this site.

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