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Getting Support
Learn how to make medical decisions and assemble your health care team once you receive your genetic test results.

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Finding support 

Regardless of where you are in your experience, it can be helpful to receive support from friends, family and peers who understand your situation and have faced similar decisions and circumstances.

FORCE offers the following support programs that will connect you with trained volunteers or peers who share your situation.

  • Peer Navigation Program: We will match you as closely as possible based on type of mutation, diagnosis, geographic location, age, and specific circumstances to a trained volunteer who provides nonjudgmental and confidential support. You will also receive a personalized guide with information on relevant topics. 
  • Toll-free Helpline: Peer volunteers return calls within 48 hours and provide nonjudgmental and confidential support and resources in English and Spanish. A Genetic Counselor helpline is also available.  
  • Message Boards: Our message boards are the easiest way to reach out to others who share your situation. The boards allow you to remain anonymous if you wish and are available 24/7.
  • Local Support: FORCE has local outreach volunteers throughout the United States who are available to offer support and connect you to local resources. Some of the groups hold remote support group meetings.  
  • Private Facebook Group: Connect with peers, ask questions and share your story with our growing community of individuals facing hereditary cancers. Let's unite and support each other!
  • Check out our virtual and in-person support meeting calendar.
  • Join one of our Zoom community group meeting:
    • Caregivers
    • LGBTQIA 
    • Men
    • Meetings in American Sign Language
    • Meetings in Spanish
    • People of Color
    • Previvors
    • Young Previvors
    • Survivors
    • Young Survivors
  • Story Library: Our blog features the personal perspective from a diverse cross section of our community.
Last updated February 08, 2022