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Volunteer Spotlight - Tara Freundlich

January 01, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight - Tara Freundlich

Like many others here at FORCE I found my way to the website after receiving my positive BRCA2 results.

Having lost my mother and grandmother to breast cancer at early ages and my aunt to ovarian cancer at an even earlier age, I was sure I did not want to follow in their footsteps. In 2002, I logged on to the FORCE website and found a wonderfully smart supportive group of women who walked me through the early days. The support and information that I was given would have required hours of research and even then I would have been alone. I was so grateful for the information that helped me to make an informed decision that I decided I wanted to offer the same help to others.

It was within a short time, that the opportunity presented itself in a training program for the helpline. I immediately responded to Sue's request and traveled to Princeton, NJ, to receive my training. We were not a large group but I loved the thought of being able to make a difference. I have spent every other Thursday for the past eight years answering calls. When I was alone and scared, FORCE was my life line and being that life line for others has been such a rewarding experience.

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