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Volunteer Spotlight – Karlena Lara-Otero

August 31, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight – Karlena Lara-Otero

As a Cancer Genetic Counselor, I strive to connect my patients with hereditary cancer predisposition to resources that can help them navigate the complexities of their genetic conditions, and FORCE is the epitome of that. I was fortunate to become involved with FORCE as a Genetic Counselor Group Leader via a co-worker. Volunteering with FORCE to help facilitate their hereditary cancer support groups has allowed me to witness the greatness of human kindness, strangers coming together to share a common experience and to support each other through their individual paths. More recently, I have been also fortunate to help offer this support to FORCE’s People of Color and Spanish-speaking constituents, which has been a humbling and enriching experience. I am proud to volunteer for FORCE and look forward to continue supporting FORCE’s constituents in their experiences of living with hereditary cancer risk.

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